Charmaine Swinburn

Transformational Life Coach

Fourways, Johannesburg, Gauteng

072 325 0301

Penguin Drive, Fourways, Sandton, South Africa

I spent the best parts of my life living in shadows, trying to blend in because of bad experiences in my childhood. My self confidence and self worth was at an all time low. No one knew, but it was deep.

As a single parent, I felt helpless as I watched my son following that same rocky downhill slope, and that is when I decided I had to change myself and help him. In fact help everyone I can, to come out of the shadows and to really live! On this journey I discovered what it is like coming out of the shadows and living in colour!

I am also a keen equestrian, just over a year ago I put a programme together which assists equestrians to break the barriers that they have unconsciously created, perhaps from an accident or a limiting belief. Over the year I have been working with equestrians, I have begun to more deeply understand the bond we have with our horses and how they act as our mirror, reflecting back the areas in our day to day lives which could do with a bit of work. I also learned that past experiences, which we may have thought we worked through, or blocked out completely, can manifest in our riding.

My dream is to give both adults and children the tools they require to live a confident life, filled with happiness and the ability to cope with everyday issues which get thrown at them, I acknowledge that our children are our future and every little thing we say either builds or breaks them.


  • NLP & TimeLine Techniques Family Life Coach;
  • Master Life Coach;
  • Master TimeLine TherapyTM Practitioner;
  • Master NLP Practitioner;
  • Master Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Reiki Master Practitioner and
  • Energy Healer