Sade Savings

NLP Life Coach
Sandton, Johannesburg
Masters degree in NLP & Life Coaching; Honours degree in Clinical Psychology; Integrative Enneagram Coach
Mobile Number: 082 852 1653
Email Address:
Craighall Park, Randburg, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

Sadé is an experienced life coach with over 1500 coaching hours. She has a masters degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life coaching (specialising in Awakening Global Leadership), as well as an honours degree in Clinical Psychology. She is an Integrative Enneagram Coach and continues to explore and learn new methodologies in the field of coaching and personal development. Sadé is a member of COMENSA and her coaching style is reflective of her belief in a holistic, mindful lifestyle.

As a result of her unique academic background and varied corporate experience over the last 10 years, Sadé uses an eclectic approach to coaching combining NLP techniques and an array of different life coaching models. Her approach is results-focused and action-oriented, and the best interests of her clients are her first priority.

Sadé is passionate about empowering clients to realise their full potential and live life ON Purpose. In her own life and her client’s lives, Sadé has seen how transformational life coaching can be. She believes that her role as a coach is to empower clients to reach a higher level of self-actualisation, and to guide them in finding their own solutions to their current challenges in a manner that will be beneficial for all aspects of their lives. As a coach, her values are at the forefront of what she brings to her coaching sessions. She aims to be authentic, genuine, respectful, and kind, while working with clients to co-design solutions to best meet their needs; helping them to identify any roadblocks and overcome challenges on their path to a more Purposeful, resourceful life, and holding them accountable for the goals they set out to accomplish.

Sadé encourages that clients sign up for a minimum of 6 sessions to ensure commitment to achieving optimal results through the coaching process. Based in Craighall Park, Johannesburg, Sadé is available for face to face and skype coaching sessions.

Her clients have the following to say:

Sadé’s coaching style immediately puts you at ease - she has a magical way of helping you unlock new pathways and breakdown personal barriers with empathy, thoughtfulness, and keen insight. I'd recommend her as a coach without hesitation

Through Sadé’s coaching I learnt how to solve Big Problems with Simple Solutions. She always empowered to me make my own decisions, and made sure I stayed focused on my goals. My life has changed as a result of our coaching sessions

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