Sade Savings NLP Life Coach & Executive Coach

Sade Savings

NLP Life Coach & Executive Coach

Sade Savings NLP Life Coach & Executive Coach

Sandton, Johannesburg

Master Practitioner Certification in NLP, Life & Executive Coaching (specialising in Awakening Global Leadership), Honours degree in Clinical Psychology

082 852 1653

Craighall Park, Randburg, South Africa

My name is Sadé Savings and I help people gain clarity and direction, and achieve the results they’re looking for in all areas of their lives. In the last nine years I have been privileged enough to serve a wide range of private and corporate clients and I have accumulated over 2500 coaching hours. I have extensive training in Clinical Psychology, and a Master practitioner certification in NLP and Executive Coaching specialising in Awakening Global Leadership. I am also a certified Integrative Enneagram Coach. My expertise lies in Executive Coaching, NLP & Life Coaching, and I am deeply passionate about Leadership and Personal Development. 

I believe that coaching is one of the most valuable tools in the world. Some of the greatest presidents, entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities have spoken out about the life-changing benefits of their one-on-one coaching experiences.  I myself have experienced first-hand just how transformational the process of coaching can really be. That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate my life to partnering with others on their personal development and growth journeys. 

I am results focused and action-oriented, the best interests of my clients are my first priority. Because of my varied and in-depth coach training, I am able to customise my approach to meet my clients individual’s needs. I’m also a strong advocate for a holistic, mindful, purpose-driven lifestyle; and I enjoy gently challenging my clients to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zones in order to achieve long-lasting success in all areas of their lives. 

I’m a relentless optimist, and I believe that empowered people, empower others. My desire and my belief, is that through my contribution of coaching, my clients are more empowered to achieve their goals and to live their lives to the fullest, empowering others as a result. 

Choose me as your coach if you’re looking for someone who will respectfully challenge you to reach your goals, support you in times of transition, and empower you to reach your full potential. 

Live with purpose & live with passion, bye for now.  

Her clients have the following to say:

“Sadé’s coaching style immediately puts you at ease – she has a magical way of helping you unlock new pathways and breaking down personal barriers with empathy, thoughtfulness, and keen insight. I’d recommend her as a coach without hesitation,” N. Milonkovich, Senior Manager, AllLife.

“Through Sadé’s coaching I learnt how to solve Big Problems with Simple Solutions. She always empowered me to make my own decisions, and made sure I stayed focused on my goals. My life has changed as a result of our coaching sessions,” D. Molutsi, QA Facilitator, Private Label Promotions.

You can contact Sadé at or visit her website for more info:

Craighall Park, Randburg, South Africa