Wolfgang Frank

NLP Life & Business Coach Practitioner

Cape Town, CBD & Surrounds

•NLP Practitioner Certificate - The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, 2019 •Coach Practitioner Certificate - South African College of Applied Psychology, 2017 •BTech, Architecture - Tshwane University of Technology, 2007

082 805 2897

Wolfgang Frank


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Cape Town, South Africa

I am an NLP & Advanced Certified Neurozone® Coach Practitioner focusing on mindfulness and  performance.  

My coaching approach is based on the practice of mindfulness. I believe that if we start by  mindfully (re)discovering our authentic selves, we can better articulate our direction or purpose,  If we also mindfully transform our behaviours by optimising our brain/body systems, we can  perform exceedingly well while serving our purpose. This process will simplify our goals, increase  their value and give us the motivation needed to achieve them.  

I also believe that we should collectively and creatively use our knowledge, skills, and expertise to  allocate resources together and to distribute these resources fairly in order to survive and thrive.  

On a more personal level, I am a very keen observer, abstract-thinker, traveler, and yoga  practitioner, with a passion for helping people to help themselves. I believe that if we can all  learn to help ourselves, we might become more responsible and accountable human beings. We  might even become more responsive to other human beings, including our environment, from  which we can learn that mindfulness will always yield positive results.  

Improving yourself, improves the world around you!  


The belief is that we have everything we require to succeed in life. For this reason, I offer the  space in which we share valuable knowledge together & recognise how to best achieve our  objectives in the following 3 options:  

OPTION 1: (re)Discover Direction  

Suitable for the individual who is going through a period of transformation or change and is not  sure in which direction to go. You may benefit from the guided support and space in which to  (re)discover your direction. For instance:  

• Seeking identity & purpose  

• Feeling stuck  

• Needing to change course (e.g. career change)  

• Dealing with retrenchment/layoff  

OPTION 2: Mindful Transformation for High Performance  

Suitable for both the individual & teams. Mindfully transforming into a high-performing person or  team with the Neurozone® High-Performance Code you will learn to manage and optimise your  brain/body system to:  

• Prevent burnout  

• Build resilience  

• Unlock high performance  

• Improve self-leadership & problem 

solving capacity  

OPTION 3: Achieve The Goal(s)  

When you have a pretty good idea of what you want or where you are heading but need the  guided support and space to unpack, strategise or clarify something.  

This process is facilitated through a thought-provoking conversation with the coach as an  objective thinking partner. The space can also be used to check in with yourself or to take  accountability for what you have set out to achieve.  

This option is generally the natural progression in the coaching process, following OPTIONS 1 & 2.  For best results, these sessions should always be intentional.