Nina Saacks - Yoga Health Coach - Tokai Cape Town

Nina Saacks

Yoga Health Coach

Nina Saacks - Yoga Health Coach - Tokai Cape Town

Online (Tokai, Cape Town)

Yoga Health Coach (Yoga Healer and Wellness Pro Academy); Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher (20+ years Tokai Yoga Studio); Yoga Teacher Trainer (Academy of Yoga and Ayurveda); BBUSSC degree (UCT)


Natural Living with Nina



Are you ready to improve your health naturally?
Are you ready to take your health and vitality to the next level?

How in rhythm with nature are you?
Not sure?
Answer these questions:

  1. Do you manage to have an earlier lighter dinner by 6pm?
  2. Do you get to bed and asleep by 10pm the latest?
  3. Do you wake up ready to hydrate and eliminate?
  4. Do you move your body before taking in any calories for the day?
  5. Do you get a good dose of fresh, seasonal veggies in at every meal time?
  6. Do you spend time giving yourself a massage daily?
  7. Do you sit in silence daily?
  8. Do you intermittent fast and not snack between meals?
  9. Do you take care of your senses?
  10. Do you live in flow and ease with life and nature?

If you answered yes to all of these, AWESOME, you’re on track and living the foundational principles of Ayurveda.
If you answered yes and no, then you’re half way there and you may need a little more support in making the habits stick so that they become automated – (you’re in the right place)
If you answered no, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, inflamed in your body, mind and even your spirit, then you’ll want to start changing your habits so that you can feel better (you’re in the right place!)

Will working with you Nina, work for me?

If you have a vision, a dream, an idea of how you want to be feeling, living, acting in a year from now this could be the right coaching course for you.

I’ve been supporting my yoga students for over 20 years. I’ve started incorporating Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching since 2021 and seen an amazing shift in those who embark on this journey.

How I operate:

I use a business club model to offer small group coaching sessions.
Membership is for a full year to ensure you have time and capacity to implement all the course material
You have access to monthly 1-1 sessions with me