Social Impact Supervision

Coach Supervision



All Social Impact Supervision supervisors are trained and certified. While the supervisors practice across a wide range of supervision modalities and styles, the common framework used is the supervision triangle.

How the Social Impact Supervision programme works:

Monthly supervision sessions

Our programme offers monthly supervision sessions, providing a regular opportunity for participants to receive support, and personal and professional development in their practice.

Theoretical framework

All supervision sessions must align with functions of the supervision triangle, support, development, practice management.

Group programme contracts

Each group programme contract runs for a defined period (e.g. 3 months), after which supervisors and groups can decide whether they want to continue under a private contract outside of the project.

Group size

Each supervisor will work with one group of up to 4 participants, offering a small and intimate setting for supervision.


The rate for each supervision session is between R300-R400 per person per session.

– In excess of 80% of session proceeds will be donated to verified and designated non-profit entities.

– Pre-identified and verified charities: NGOs, NPOs, or charities are pre-identified and verified, ensuring that proceeds from the supervision sessions are distributed to worthy causes in a responsible and transparent way.

Central coordinator

A central coordinator oversees the administration, logistics, and allocation of finances for the programme.