Mohammed Motara

Life and Career Coach / Wellness Facilitator / Spiritual Coach

Cape Town, South Africa

BA (Communications), New Insights Certified Life Coach, Master Career Coach, Strengths and Uniqueness Coach, Complementary Health Diploma (Healing Modalities), COMENSA Member



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Cape Town, South Africa

Mohammed is a certified Master Career Coach, VIP Life Coach (Advance Trained), Strength and Uniqueness coach, Spiritual Coach, Facilitator and Healer. With over a decade of study in the different fields of personal development and healing, he integrates his knowledge with his practical experience to empower clients with greater clarity, direction and success. He also mentors aspiring trainee coaches in his capacity as a New Insights Supervisor coach, and has shared life and career advice on numerous TV and radio shows, including SABC’s Afternoon Express and Hectic Nine-9.

In an age of information overload, we all need SIMPLE, PRACTICAL and EFFECTIVE tools that deliver REAL TRANSFORMATION! After 20 years of my own personal journey of self-discovery along with practical experience with hundreds of clients in one-on-one and group settings, I aim to simplify this process with the most powerful and effective tools and techniques. I design customized coaching programs for each individual client to provide the following 6 outcomes: Clarity, Balance, Empowerment, Focus, Inspiration, and Momentum.

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My Passion:

I believe that just like our unique finger print, every individual has a unique “soul-print” which is our true purpose for being here. Like nature, when we nourish this “inner seed” through self-awareness and a balanced environment, we can grow into the mighty Oak and experience the true meaning of success.

My passion as a coach and healer is to facilitate this process: By aligning with one’s true nature, creating a healthy environment to flourish and removing the “mental barriers” that limit our growth. I believe that just like nature, we are all here to express and experience the diversity of our unique Being.

My Offering:

  1. As a life and career coach: I facilitate a powerful yet simple and practical process of self-discovery, introspection and personal empowerment to answer fundamental questions like: “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?”, “How do I gain clear direction in my life and career?” “What is holding me back from thriving?” “How can I live my best life?”
  2. As a wellness/self-care facilitator: I have facilitated workshops and large groups to attain inner-balance and self-care through self-awareness and practical techniques such as TRE, mindfulness and meditation.
  3. As an integrative spiritual coach: I help educate people to become more into alignment with their true self by better understanding their “energy body” and how it impacts every facet of their life.

My Coaching Niche:

I have been a coach since 2008 and have assisted people of all ages and backgrounds in the different areas of life, career and relationship. My current focus is on:
Youth and young adults (between the ages of 18-40) to gain better self-awareness of their unique strengths, gifts, passions, etc along with tools for inner balance and self-empowerment to support their career and life direction.