Michelle Raymond

Merchant of Wonder
Fourways and Sandton surround. Available globally on Skype and Zoom
Mobile Number: +27 073 170 6780
Casa Toscana, Fourways, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


I am a Merchant of Wonder by day and a Personal Change Agent by night.
I’m an obsessive learner, a closet writer and an explorer with an overzealous energy to wake people up to their potential. This passion was born when I had a number of transformative shifts in my life that still echo their effects today. I wish the same for your life. Thus my mission is to reacquaint you with your true self and to reignite your passions.

But first, tea, or coffee, or a milkshake - if you really insist - to gauge what you want and where you see yourself tomorrow and happily ever after.

Coaching Approach

The world today is more complex than ever before. Competition has become the norm, expectations are considerably higher across all generations and burn-out is a common by-product; primarily due to an under-valued existence.

The movement towards seeking more meaning and purpose has become a relieving antidote. Through the process of coaching, and the positive influence neuroscience has on this discipline, you now have the opportunity to design and build the life you desire and deserve.

As a human being, you are successful. Success in the world will depend on whether the world is ready for it.

I have a keen interest in and focus my practice on how the mind, body and spirit are linked. By creating a harmony between them is where real transformation occurs. There is enormous potential waiting to be utilised at the place of self-realisation.

By using NLP and meta-coaching patterns, I can assess your current state of wellbeing and guide you towards optimal health and performance in all areas of your life.

For over 4 years, I have worked successfully with business owners, managers, executives, couples, teenagers, retirees and young adults.

About me

Achieve greatness was founded in 2014 by Michelle Raymond, a trained NLP Practioner and coach. She utilises Meta-Coaching, neuroscience and meditation in her practice. With over 300 hours of paid coaching experience, she has worked successfully with business executives, entrepreneurs, parents, teens, couples and athletes. Michelle works full time at an exponential leadership coaching company and practises privately after hours. She is a mother, wife, businesswoman and recovering entrepreneur. Her passion is focussed on connecting people to their true selves.

If you believe that you are born with the potential to make a profound difference in the world, it’s time to realise that!

Let’s start the conversation www.achievegreatness.co.za