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Lindelwa Notshweleka

Life Coach

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Pretoria, Gauteng / Witbank, Mpumalanga

083 539 2720

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Lindroo is a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, Divorce, Love & Relationship Coach: How Does Your Relationship Have You in a Tail Spin . . .

Stop sabotaging your life. Through my tools and techniques learn how to overcome challenges, prepare for complex life matters and realize your potential.

Questioning and doubting yourself? Feeling like the life you’ve been living is a lie? Wondering how you got in this situation and how you’ll get out of it? You may be in (or recovering from) an abusive narcissistic relationship. One where your partner has you convinced that everything is your fault – even though you KNOW it’s not. You may be feeling ashamed, crazy and confused, but know this . . . You are not alone.


Who is your Narcissist?
In-laws, parent, brother or sister, your child, friend, co-worker, your lover, co-parenting with a narcissist, divorcing a narcists, helping a friend.

Learning you have been the victim of a narcissist can shatter everything you hold dear, your sense of security and the truths you believed are probably in a tailspin. Our minds begin to play tricks on us and we learn our lives were a lie and we start to question everything.

Our friends and family members just don’t know how to help us anymore and you might feel all alone. There are some great therapists, lawyers out there, but they generally have limited knowledge of narcissistic abuse, the lies, the completely horrific way they are smearing your name.

How do you move on…?


I know how it feels to want love so desperately but it just continues to remain elusive. You watch everyone around you settling down, fall in love again and starting families but the longer it takes you to find “the one” the more you begin to believe something is really wrong with you.

Having failed marriages, I struggled to feel worthy and believed something was wrong with me and that everyone else could have love, but not me.  This kept me stuck in a negative loop of hiding the real me so they wouldn’t reject me, then it would happen all over again. For some reason I was attracted to narcissists – until I embarked on a long journey to understand
relationships in general and finally found a partner of my dreams and have created the exact life I always wanted!

This is the same process and method that I’ve now been teaching and have helped thousands of clients find love, launch healthy relationships and keep their love alive through babies, business and busy-ness!

And now it’s your turn….