Linda Sparks - Life Coach - Durban

Linda Sparks

Life Coach / Personal Development Coach / Youth Coach / Empty Nest Coach

Linda Sparks - Life Coach - Durban


Certified ILS Professional Coach; BSocSci Psychology UKZN

+27 83 562 1022


Essenwood, Durban, South Africa

I assist my clients in finding their own solutions and best actions to reach their full potential. Through common-sense thinking, questioning and planning, held in a positive, results-focused and non-judgmental framework, they define their goals, overcome obstacles and ultimately reach success.

Through self-exploration in my coaching sessions my clients discover what motivates them and what comes naturally, and this enables better life decisions and creates inspiration and inner peace.

One of my focus areas is working with women (and men!) experiencing empty nest. I help them to navigate the sense of loss and purposelessness many of them experience when their children leave home so that they can find a new purpose and enjoy an exciting and fulfilling life. With the right support and tools this time of life can be your best – discovering a new purpose, building new relationships, reaching personal goals or embarking on a new career.

Another of my passions is youth coaching. Many young people struggle with decisions around their choice of career or studies. Whilst all education and skills learnt are valuable, changing a path of study or work can create stress, confusion and guilt, as well as added time and costs. Through helping teens and young adults to discover who they are, what drives them and what feels comfortable, I can assist them in making career and study choices that will allow them to flourish, find direction and fulfilment.


My sessions with Linda were valuable and inspiring. I was initially apprehensive, but Linda’s warm nature instantly put me at ease, and I settled into the session. I had a vague idea of what a life coach session might involve, however, I was surprised and comforted by the kinds of questions and prompts Linda put forward.  Linda’s patience and professionalism adds to the experience of the session. The concentrated time and thought involved helps one acknowledge the abilities within oneself and Linda, through her practice guides one to reach these realizations in a way that aligns with one’s own introspective process. The sessions with Linda have been beneficial to my personal health journey. I encourage others to experience a life coach session and share in the value of realizing the power within oneself. 

Emma – Johannesburg

I had three sessions with Linda which really helped me to break through from a rather passive and unproductive mode of being, to a more self-directed way of managing my life. I am in a better place in my life than I was when I started working with her, and I believe that this is because she helped me to take hold of my life and give it direction, rather than just waiting for it to happen and unfold.  Linda has a gentle and caring presence which quickly made me feel that I could relax and trust her, and she was not judgemental in any way. Knowing that I would be talking to her again in a week’s time made me want to be sure to accomplish the goals that I had set myself for the week. Some of the tools that I learnt from my time with her have remained with me, and I am grateful for them.  

Lindy – Durban

I was at a place where life just sucked, I felt isolated and needed a voice of reason, a mentor as I realised that I could not do this alone. I was introduced to Linda Sparks and we began our consults once a week and have been for the past 2 months. Linda showed much empathy towards my predicament.  I can’t tell you how my family and friends now see a different side to me. I am the happiest I’ve been in years. Instead of giving me the advice I needed, Linda helped me make my own mind up by providing me with helpful solutions to think positively – turning negatives into positives by allowing me to think out the box and see a completely different scenario. I have gained more self-confidence and self-esteem which has aided my relationships. If anyone has felt the same, that they have utilised all their resources with little or no success, please consider Linda for life coaching. This is the break through I needed to overcome a massive hurdle in my life. Thank you Linda for the work you have done so far. I am immensely grateful.

Marc – Durban

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Essenwood, Durban, South Africa