Rita Pienaar - Life Transformation Coach - Randburg Johannesburg

Rita Pienaar

Life Transformation Coach

Rita Pienaar - Life Transformation Coach - Randburg Johannesburg

Randburg, Johannesburg

Qualified and certified Life Coach, Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Life Transformation Coach

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Peter Road, Moret, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Hello, I’m Rita, a dedicated Life Transformation Coach. My journey through personal challenges has fueled my passion to guide others towards meaningful change and empowerment.

Coaching Services

  • Personal Transformation: Tailored strategies for self-growth and overcoming personal barriers.
  • Relationship Enhancement: Techniques to improve communication and connections.
  • Career and Professional Development: Guidance for career growth and job satisfaction.
  • Health and Lifestyle: Coaching for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Years of experience in life coaching, backed by personal success in overcoming life’s challenges, and professional training in various transformative techniques.

Coaching Approach

My approach blends empathy with practical strategies, focusing on mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, and NLP. I offer a personalized, client-centered experience, ensuring that each session contributes to your long-term growth and happiness.