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Life Purpose & Essential Calling Coaching

Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Western Cape

Certified Life Purpose Coach

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Stellenbosch, South Africa

As a certified Life Purpose Coach I have the tools and experience to assist individuals and organisations to uncover their purpose and developing a context from which to live or operate by.

I believe that knowing ones Essential Calling & Purpose leads to a greater fulfilment in life or within the work place. I am committed to assisting organisations and individuals in this regard.

• Personal developmental life coaching guided by Purpose

“Everything happens for a reason”. You, I am sure, have heard this statement many times before, but do you believe it?

We have a choice on how to use our experiences on the journey of life and we can use those experiences to inform our growth. We have the choice to find the meaning or the deeper reason within everything that happens to us.

Creating context for one’s own life is an incredibly empowering tool which enables finding meaning in our experiences along the way. This context can be informed through some fun and exciting processes.

“All roads lead to Rome” and the processes that I use are no exception. Both processes lead you to the same place. The one process takes a deep dive into areas of your life such as childhood influences, life changing experiences, coincidences, limiting beliefs, talents & skills, and empowering behaviour. It is a stepping stones approach to writing your own manifesto that will form your context.

The second approach is a story sharing experience, where you share stories that have touched and shaped you, people you have been influenced by, looking at both the highs and lows. From this sharing we can comb out threads and identify patterns that will reveal your essential calling and define how you will support this essential calling.

When you are ready to uncover and discover your greater purpose, reach out to me so that we can make this happen together.

• Business Coaching: Outcomes Based Organisational Facilitation

“You helped us towards a new way of doing our work – we realised that with our small steps we could turn it into bigger steps and they can inspire others to make small changes too. The way we bought our products, the way we prepared our meals, the way we told our stories and the way we greeted our guests became an inspiration for us and for our guests. Our business bloomed in times when others moaned. “
Michael Daiber – General Manager !Khwa ttu (San People Heritage Centre)

One of the biggest challenges facing leaders within industry is that of adaptability – seeing new opportunities in the rapidly morphing economic landscape. Management and team members may find themselves struggling at this time, navigating their way through this unfamiliar ground.

It is during challenging times that the default approach of management and individuals tend to focus on What the establishment is doing rather than Why and How they are doing it. This can only be expected as, What we do, presents itself in a physical form which is also known. The, Why and How we do something, is more an expression of a feeling. Making the intangible tangible can be challenging. After all, What we do within industry is a physical expression of Why we do it.

I coach managers, future managers and staff members to understand for themselves, why they do what they do. Why they come to work each day, and why people and customers around them would actually care. I call this Why – Essential Calling. When a person’s or organisation’s Essential Calling is aligned with knowing How they connect with the world around them, i.e. their Purpose, they can find meaning and fulfilment in their lives.

A person that is fulfilled in the workplace is an engaged employee. Engaged employees bring value to the organisation.

The Essential Calling & Purpose of an organisation forms a Context through which all decision making is filtered. Very much like a compass guiding a ship to stay on course. This Context creates a dynamic energetic connection between an organisation as a whole, its staff and customers.

I am excited about the collaborative process that engages the employees with the purpose of the organisation. This is not an aspirational approach using mission and vision statements. It is knowing what actions to take to best support the needs of the organisation and its customers. The later approach is integrative. Each day the employee knows what unique contribution to make that impacts positively on their lives and those around them and the organisation.

Achieving this outcome is a key driver for me doing what I do.
Should you wish to learn more on how to create the conditions for your team to be more engaged – collectively working together to bring greater value to your organisation, feel free to contact me.

Stellenbosch, South Africa