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Life & Leadership Coach | Mindfulness | Addiction Recovery

Nicci Cloete - Life & Leadership Coach - Cape Town - Online

Scarborough, Cape Town | Online

BA Psychology - University of Stellenbosch; Phase 1 & 2 Coach Training - Thoughtsmiths; Foundations Executive Management + Coaching - University of Cape Town / Getsmarter; Certified Yoga Teacher 500+ hrs YTT - Integral Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal, Mindfulness (USA, India, SA); Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator

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55 Egret Street, Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa

I guide progressive leaders and their teams away from burnout and towards greater equanimity, balance and joy.

Working online or in person, one-on-one or with groups, within non-profit or corporates, my approach is grounded in unconditional positive regard for my clients. I empower individuals to move from autopilot to aware, supporting them with tools and techniques to mindfully endure what cannot be changed, and to change what cannot be endured – even if it is their own mind.

As a recovering addict with ten years of sobriety, I am passionate about helping others walking a similar path. The silent retreats that I host offer a profound opportunity to pause, reflect, and reconnect with oneself, others and the world in which we move.

My skill as a coach draws on twenty years of corporate and non-profit experience in the UK, USA and South Africa, a track record as a trusted retreat facilitator and yoga teacher, a wealth of life experience, and my innate empathy and ability to connect with people. Years in competitive sales environments taught me the value of listening more than speaking, whilst my lifelong interest in psychology, and an innate curiosity about – and respect for – people’s stories have stood me in good stead as I transitioned into a coaching and mentoring role.

I successfully partner with my clients in a forward thinking, positive, proactive process to help them get from where they are to where they want to be, whether in a personal or a professional context.

With experience of working in start-ups as well as global multi-brand organisations, I have the versatility to coach across all levels of seniority, with individuals or groups. I am told that I have the gravitas to engage with and influence senior decision-makers in a FTSE 100 boardroom and the playfulness to engage with a school hall full of scholars, and I am equally at ease in either type of setting and everything inbetween.

What Nicci’s clients have to say:

Nicci is an exceptional leadership coach. I have worked with Nicci for several years now with regular sessions. She is genuinely curious and interested which makes her a strong listener, always coming with insightful questions. Sounds thinking usually comes from asking the right questions and Nicci is always on point in this regard. She has a great energy and warmth that immediately puts one at ease and I always leave our conversations with new insights and feeling like progress has been made.

Joshua Cox| Founder CEO at Fix Forward / The Cleaning Fix / The Values JourneyFounder CEO at Fix Forward / The Cleaning Fix / The Values Journey

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicci for the past 3 years as a thinking partner and coach, and I can attest to her expertise in the field of mindfulness. Her approach is grounded in practicality and accessibility. I was particularly sceptical of the practice of mindfulness, in sharing this with Nicci, she was understanding, patient and deliberate in ensuring that I “come along” in the journey.

I was not sorry that I stuck with it and have since experienced positive, demonstrable shifts in my professional and personal life. My leadership style was positively accentuated while my personal relationships, mental and physical wellbeing was transformed.

Nicci focused on making it easy to integrate mindfulness into my daily life. I have found her guidance to be invaluable in helping me navigate complex situations with greater clarity and focus. I believe that her corporate mindfulness work is an excellent fit for our and any organisation looking to improve performance and well-being. I have seen the positive impacts within our executive team and in individuals.

Her ability to position mindfulness as a tool for high-performance is a testament to her deep understanding of the practice and its benefits. Furthermore, she took the time to understand the individuals, team dynamics and business context and then used this insight to continuously refine her approach.

I highly recommend her work to anyone looking to cultivate greater mindfulness and well-being in their personal or professional life.

Craig Oliver | Chief Information Officer, Woolworths Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

I had the privilege of collaborating with Nicci Cloete on a Heavy Chef programme focused on Gender-Based Violence. Nicci facilitated a mindfulness session for our cohort, and I was truly impressed by her exceptional ability to connect with the participants and establish a safe and welcoming environment for them to freely express themselves without judgement.

Nicci’s talent in simplifying mindfulness practices and making them relatable, especially for those less familiar with the concept, was truly commendable. Her approach is not only informative but also deeply transformative. What truly sets Nicci apart is her willingness to be vulnerable and her ability to bring a diverse skill set to the table as both a life coach and mindfulness practitioner.

Nicci’s compassion, vulnerability, and relatability are evident in her work, making her an outstanding professional in the mindfulness space. After Nicci’s session, my cohort left feeling inspired and empowered, knowing they could confidently stand in their own power and truth. They left equipped to face life’s challenges with mindfulness and grace.

I wholeheartedly recommend Nicci Cloete to anyone seeking a compassionate and highly skilled mindfulness practitioner who can make a meaningful and positive impact in their lives. Nicci’s unique approach is a true asset to the field.

Zinhle Novazi | Attorney, Podcast Host, Mail & Guardian 200, Navigating The Twenties

I had the pleasure of engaging with Nicci when she facilitated Values workshops with our People team at Food Lover’s Holdings. Nicci successfully created a warm and welcoming environment which allowed participants to openly share their experiences and learn from each other. People often do not want to attend regular sessions as they believe they are always too busy, however with Nicci’s sessions participants couldn’t wait to attend.

We recently started using Nicci’s coaching offerings and the one key quality that stood out for us is Nicci’s use of unconditional positive regard which is a genuine belief that people are resourceful, capable of self-understanding and self-direction, able to make constructive changes, and able to live effective and productive lives, within an environment that supports this transformational process and journey.

Nicci’s inner light shines brightly and her passion for life is infectious.

Anthony Brown | Group Learning & Development Manager, Food Lovers’ Market Holdings

Nicci provided an incredible holding space, practical guidance and deep wisdom in our coaching sessions. I came in looking to address some work-life balance challenges which Nicci helped me to understand (in her kind and playful way) were signs of deeper questions unfolding. Im incredibly grateful for her skill, empathy and intuition that have supported me to navigate my unfolding career path with a renewed sense of agency, clarity and enthusiasm – and would recommend her coaching for anyone looking to go beyond the surface of the situation.

Jess Schulschenk | Director, The Sustainability Institute

Nicci is that rarest of creatures: a wise and empathic coach who treads lightly, who will use all of her considerable skill to help you chart your path without pushing you along it, to see the obstacles that lie on the road without pointing to them directly, to formulate your most pressing questions articulately in a way that your own inner wisdom can begin to probe. The way in which she mindfully holds a space is deeply generous and abundant, and with a word, an incisive question or just the hint of a light shone on a dark corner, you may find ancient walls that have outlived their purpose beginning to crumble, or witness the lightning flash of sudden insight, or just squirm in a way that you know is going to lead deeper, perhaps uncomfortably, to more profound awareness. I owe her several deep bows of gratitude.

Dave Strugnell | Co-Founder, Percept

55 Egret Street, Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa