Akunna Onwu

Life, Leadership and Business Coach

Johannesburg, International, Online

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Akunna Onwu is a Life, Leadership and Business coach based in Johannesburg.  Passionate about Africa, leadership, life and business coaching, I am an admitted Advocate, Certified Integral Coach (through the Centre for Coaching- Graduate School of Business, UCT) and a seasoned compliance manager within the financial services industry, with regulatory and legislative experience across 18 jurisdictions in Africa. I am in the business of inspiring transformation and creating positive change whether it’s through my coaching, or as a mentor for Komati Women Leadership Programme or as a writer for an online contemporary magazine for young professionals or even as a content creator for a vlog.

As an integral coach, I offer life, leadership and business coaching to my clients that engages every aspect of their life, offering a 360-degree approach to mindful habit creation and competency development to achieve what matters most to them. To this end, I work with individuals and or groups who are interested in being more; who are interested in taking a leap of faith by being courageous and daring to take the next step in striving to reach the highest and truest version of themselves. As an Integral Coach, I also carry with me the awareness that the shift required to break and unlearn habits and the discipline required to learn and create new ones, demands hard work. Perhaps more importantly, it also requires the application of tested tools and frameworks to enable clients to achieve their goals.

At my core, is my hope to empower my clients. For them to recognise the greatness in themselves and in so doing, partner with them to harness that greatness to achieve what matters most to them.

Educational Background & Training

  • Bcom Law (university of Pretoria)
  • LLB (University of Pretoria)
  • LLM (university of the Western Cape and Humboldt Universitat zu berlin)
  • Associate Coaching Course (UCT Graduate School of Business -centre for coaching)
  • Professional Coaching Course (UCT Graduate school of Business- Centre for Coaching)
  • Member of ICF

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership development
  • Life purpose
  • Career management
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private individuals
  • Mentorship

What My Clients Say

“I gained a sense of confidence and appreciation for my life which has led to a better outlook on life. Because I now have a better and more positive outlook on life, I am more confident, and I approach all aspects of life – good and bad – with heart and thought. I struggled with comparisons before, but because of your coaching brilliance I have trained myself to see everyone around me as a source of inspiration and I relish in the anticipation that if I remain patient, my time will come!” – Zimasa

“Working with her, I was able to “fill in the colour on a visual of the future I could believe in”; she helped me realise why I wanted it and also saw me put the first foot forward towards achieving it. She also, helped make the dreams realistic. She asked the hard questions, more or less like your conscience- the kind you’re scared to ask yourself, or which you push to the back of your mind. This wasn’t always comfortable but those questions had to be addressed. Still, she handled it graciously and generously.” –Bunmi

“One of the benefits is definitely as the saying goes, a burden shared is a burden halved. Mostly because all other matters which I have been struggling with were eased as I envisioned myself conversing with you. Your technique allowed me to find solutions to my everyday situations and the exercises really allowed me to actively work on what was bothering me. Up to today I perceive myself as a warrior in my own little movie called life.”– Giselle