Gerhardus Muller

Personal Development Coach

Westdene, Johannesburg

Life Coach (School of Life); Foundations of Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania); Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (European Psychiatric Association)

082 457 5554

35A Monmouth Rd, Westdene, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa

The personal emotional well-being of my client is central to the work that I do. I believe this is within reach of everybody and is determined mainly by how we relate to the world and express ourselves.

Life coaching can be an exciting and amazing experience to discover ourselves, a journey, a quest to reach an understanding of the true self, enabling ourselves to realise our potential. The vagaries of life can either be challenges to surmount or threatening disasters. This depends on our resilience and how we interpret all that crosses our way.

Although clients can show surprising progress in a few sessions, especially if they were facing a very specific problem, I believe personal development to be a longer term investment, with a serious commitment to tackle personal issues and to change. As such I am happy to tackle a wide variety of problems. In my work I include the tenants of positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, child work, dream work, mindfulness and the investigation of the foundations of beliefs and belief systems. What is important is where the client wants and needs to go. The work that I do is simply a catalyst to get there.

Some specific topics that I work with:

  • Depression (not the clinical variants)
  • Relationship counseling (partners, family)
  • Relationship counseling (work arena)
  • Life goals
  • Aging well
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Personal empowerment
  • General well-being and the broader field of positive psychology
  • Pure self development (who am I and where am I on my way to?)
  • Relationship to the thing called life. The great existential questions are important.
  • Dream work
  • Healing the hurts of the past (child work, coming to terms with traumatic events and relationships)