George Swingler

Life Coach
Tokai, Cape Town and online
Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Coaching) (SACAP); PhD (UCT); PGDip (Higher Education Studies) (UCT); MB ChB (UCT); FCP (SA); DCH (SA)
Telephone: 021 712 7808
Mobile Number: 083 379 1275
Skype: georgeswingler
3 Sunwood Drive, Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa

Who can benefit from my coaching?

Almost anyone who wants to make a change, is willing to do things differently and accepts primary responsibility for their own personal development.

I am however most able to help:

people who;

  • want to find a way forward, especially during times of transition;
  • are confronted with unwelcome change, including divorce and career disappointments;

professionals and/or academics looking for a safe place to do any of the following;

  • check where they are in life or career, and make adjustments as needed;
  • talk through the demands and challenges of their circumstances;
  • maintain professional development;
  • avoid stagnation and burnout;
  • consider career changes within or outside their professions.

How I coach

I provide a safe place for you to think and feel, and find your own answers. My coaching is based on empathic, authentic and non-judgemental acceptance, and draws on methods from the Thinking Environment, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy and some elements of Process Work.

Perhaps the most important thing that I do is listen. When I do talk, I mostly ask questions to help you think and find your own answers. I'll offer my own insights and perspectives only after you have had time to come up with your own ideas. I'll suggest approaches that we might follow, if you agree.  For me a session is successful if your thoughts and decisions are better than my own would have been.

If there is no easy or immediate answer, I am ready to sit with you in the discomfort while you search, and perhaps wait, for a way.

About me

I am a UCT Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics and a former Chief Specialist at Red Cross Children’s Hospital who retired early, to coach. I did this after a transformative experience of being coached myself, and because of a growing realisation that things of lasting value most often start with a few people, in relationship.

Professional Registrations

  • Registered Coach, Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA)
    [Reg No: WCSWI-2752-CRC]
  • Specialist Paediatrician, Health Professions Council of South Africa
    [Reg No: MP0184497]