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Tanja Cameron

Life Coach

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Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria

083 680 7082

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Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


Reflect and ask yourself: ‘Do you wish to have clarity of your goals and purpose, increase your performance, and enhance your experience of life?’

If your answered ‘Yes!’ and you are inspired by these possibilities, then I invite you to embark on a coaching journey with me.

YOU have the power and resources within you to look, discover and remove the barriers that limit your success and to create the life you want to live – whether professionally or personally. Coaching will support you to transform your goals into reality by unleashing your potential, creating new awareness and making empowering and informed choices.

Through inspiring interaction, I will support you in enabling your authentic purpose to unfold, and to SHINE!


Paul LeFebre said: ‘coaching is not about teaching the caterpillar to fly; it’s about creating an opening for it to see the possibility…’ Whether it is professionally or personally… Allow me to take your hand and guide you to unleash your own power and potential to start creating the grandest version of the greatest vision you could have for yourself. Allow me to support you to transform like a butterfly, to be INSPIRED, to CREATE the life you want to live and let your true nature SHINE.

Let me share some of my own transformational journey with you…

On a professional level I have thirteen successful years in the pharmaceutical corporate environment. During this time I became aware of the fact that more often than not, people are too afraid to speak up or stand up for themselves or what they believe in. And sometimes it’s just easier to put a lid on it or conform to the norm. Personally, I was also constantly faced with the challenge to balance work and life. I realised that when I said ‘yes’ to one thing – usually work, it often meant that I am inevitably saying ‘no’ to another…my family. I was constantly torn between my love for working with people and wanting to be there for my husband and kids when it really matters.

If someone had to tell me a year ago that it is within my power to change all that, I would have been sceptical. Let’s face it; there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you that it’s going to be a butterfly! But Consciousness Coaching made it possible for me to get unstuck from that rut, to see my reality for what it is, to start creating the life I really wanted to live and to let my own true self start shining through.

As a result, I’m now living my dream. I’ve become an internationally recognised and qualified life, business and career coach. I am living my passion to help people grow and develop into the best they can be, knowing that each unique person has beautiful greatness within them that lies unawakened. I am still deeply inspired by my family and now have enough time to be there for my children and my husband when it counts. However, to get there, I had to face my own challenges, let go of the past and let old habits die – just like a caterpillar entering a cocoon before it breaks open to release a beautifully transformed butterfly…

My new found freedom and happiness flows over into everything I do and nothing will give me greater pleasure than to be able to do the same for YOU. I believe that extending a hand has a butterfly effect and that this can in turn make a difference on a much larger scale than one can imagine.

When it comes to career coaching or the development of people in the business space…

I have been a successful sales manager at a large pharmaceutical institution for more than a decade. This has given me an unparalleled understanding of the dynamics that are at play in the corporate space. I stand for integrity as I consider the impact of my choices on everything and every person in the world that I move in and take responsibility for my choices and actions. I believe these are important elements in achieving the professional results you want. So if your aim is to let your company operate optimally by unleashing the full potential and power of every person in your team, Consciousness Coaching can support you in achieving your desired results.

When it comes to coaching people with the purpose of achieving personal growth…

I’ve walked in the shoes of transformation myself. I believe that this gives me the compassion and insight that is required to guide people through their personal challenges and transformation. So if you feel that the life you’re living is not your own, that you’re not truly expressing yourself, that you’re still a result of your past and that you just don’t know how to lead the life you really want… I can support you in your turnaround and help guide you to create the inspired future you choose to create.

As best captured in a poem by Kahlil Gibran: “Just living isn’t enough, said the butterfly. One must also have freedom, sunshine and a little flower.’

Qualifications and Coaching Process

I am a certified Consciousness Coach and use the Consciousness Coaching framework and protocol in my interactions.
I focus on Life, Business and Career transformation, for individuals or small groups.
Twelve sessions are an optimal amount to support your transformation and growth, however it can be as little as 6 sessions or as many as 18 or more. Each session lasts 50 -60 minutes.

I offer different mediums of interaction; English as well as Afrikaans, face-to-face, phone and Skype.
Face-to-Face interactions are Gauteng based (predominantly Pretoria), at my home office or at the client’s office depending on the Coaching Agreement.
Skype (Video or Audio only) has become a favourite with clients due to the flexibility and productivity it offers in terms of time management.
Phone interactions also offers flexibility in terms of time and location and are for the Client’s account.
All mediums have proven valuable to clients, depending on their situation and preference.

Tertiary education

Consciousness Coaching Diploma – CCA Academy (2012)
B Dietetics – University of Stellenbosch (1994)

Professional memberships

International Coach Federation
Membership ID 009048389I
ICF Chapter Gauteng

Other courses and qualifications

Crucial Accountability (2013)
6 Sigma Green Belt (2012)
Crucial Conversations (2011)
Coaching for Higher Performance (2010)
Targeted Selection
Life coaching
Situational Self Leadership (2009)
Selling with EQ
Situational Leadership (2006)