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Nelene Flemming

Life Coach

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Hazelwood, Pretoria

082 455 8808

The Workspace at The Club, Pretoria, Hazelwood, Pretoria, South Africa

Nelene Flemming Life Mastery Coaching, the future of Life Transformation Coaching, offers a personal approach where each individual embarks on a personal journey with Nelene Flemming to create their best self.

The life strategy approach offers meaningful and exceptional experiences which enables transformation resulting in maximum returns for life students.

Nelene Flemming is a leading and progressive life mastery coach who understands the true essence of the human and what each person has been destined to be. She enables people to reconnect and reawaken to that original self that each person was born to become.

Life is the existence of an individual human being. Strategy is a plan of action (master plan, game plan, blueprint, approach) designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

Nelene Flemming Life Mastery Coaching provides inspired people with a master plan to redesign their existence. Our key word is betterment. People have the inherent need to grow and aspire for accomplishments within their own lives. They seek success knowing that there is more to life than what they know.

Are you on a journey of awakening to improve the higher self? Are you seeking purpose and meaning to see new opportunities? Limiting beliefs, negative emotions and general conditioning hold us back from seeing these opportunities to grow and play our biggest game of life.

Nelene Flemming Life Mastery Coaching is the key to release the things that are withholding you!