Muriel Nxumalo - Life Coach - Pietermaritzburg

Muriel Nxumalo

Career & Life Coach

Muriel Nxumalo - Life Coach - Pietermaritzburg

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Associate Certified Coach (ACC), accredited with the International Coaching Federation; Certified Integral Coach (UCT Graduate School of Business)

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Bellevue, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

I coach unfulfilled professionals who are looking for true success, success defined by your personal vision.

Do you sometimes experience a feeling of emptiness inside? Are you dissatisfied with your job and work environment? Does it feel like your job is a mismatch for your abilities and personality?

Do you believe that you are meant to do something significant in life, but you are confused how to go about it?

Life doesn’t have to be that way. The reason you are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled is that you are not pursuing the source of fulfillment… your purpose. You are living with an unclear vision, and as a result, you are not doing the things that bring meaning to your life.

My “Higher Life Coaching Program” is your gateway to living a fulfilled life. In this program, I guide you through a process on how to achieve true success. The process entails, creating a clear vision for your life, addressing possible obstacles to fulfilling your dreams and developing a specific plan to achieving your vision and thus fulfilling your life purpose.

My clients always tell me how much the program has helped them gain clarity on their life goals. After working with my program, they experience increased ability to self-motivate and they also become courageous to pursue their goals.

My work as a Life Coach is the result of my journey in the pursuit and discovery of my life purpose.

I am a certified Integral Coach, and as an Integral Coach, I work with you in an integrated and holistic manner where I focus on all aspects of your life.
I have also gained extensive experience in mentoring and coaching through the various roles I occupied over my 18 years of service in the manufacturing sector.

To accelerate your success and bring you lasting & meaningful development, I offer you personalized activities for you to complete in between the sessions. These activities are designed to bring you; insights & awareness, a shift in your thinking pattern & habits and to incorporate new behavior patterns.


  • I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), accredited with the International Coaching Federation
  • I’ve received my coaching training in Integral Coaching from Centre for Coaching @ UCT Graduate School of Business and New Ventures West.
  • I hold a Certificate in Management Development Program and
    Bachelor’s Technology Degree in Engineering Metallurgy