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Veronique Breugelmans

Life Coach

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082 451 3180

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

“Life moves pretty fast! If you don’t stop & look around once in a while, you might miss it!”

A little bit about me…

So far I have been blessed with a life some people only get to dream of. My journey took me into the world of marketing and advertising which also gifted me the opportunity to see much of the world. And it was within those travels, the all-consuming career, a chronic illness and the exposure to different, colourful cultures that I started to question and feel that there had to be more to life than merely work and sleep. I chose to follow my gut as I needed some answers. In the midst of the global recession, I quit my financially rewarding and flourishing career to pursue what some might call a sabbatical. I travelled to some exotically remote destinations, immersed myself into studying, sport, nature and pushed myself to new limits. Limits that tested my personal and emotional boundaries and it was within those challenges, that I found balance, thankfulness and a sense of happy fulfilment.

Today I dedicate my time to nurturing that balance and also to sharing the tools and learnings I gained along way with others in the hope that they too find answers to the crossroads they face. Most people get to a point in their life, their career or their relationships where they wonder whether this is what it was all about or that their life hasn’t quite turned out the way they dreamt it would be. It is those people whom I’d like to guide and help in the direction of their answers. Life has so much wonder. Why wouldn’t you want to seize the moment? Let me show you how.

What I’d like to gift to you…

I want to be that person you turn to when the road seems dark. I want you to know that there is someone in the world who accepts you for who you are – unconditionally. I want to create a space where you feel you can be totally open, honest and free to tap into the essence of who you truly, innately are. It is in that space you can also learn to let go of the weights that hold you back. I want to be that someone who you know is there for you and has your back whether it’s to celebrate your successes or help you find meaning and learning in what you believe to be your “mistakes”. I want to help you embrace the tools that give you the confidence to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and fears. In a nutshell, it is my objective to guide you to a better understanding of who you are by showing you how to embrace your uniqueness through the discovery and power of self awareness, responsibility, purpose, choice, forgiveness, courage and liberation. And in doing so manifest a change in how you are.

My qualifications…

I have a Bachelor degree in Industrial Psychology and Communications which served me well for the 12 years I project managed multi-national accounts such as Visa, Lipton, LG, MTN, Siemens and Edgars in the whacky world of advertising. I was priveleged to work with global Agencies such as TBWA, FCB, Y & R and BBDO. In 2011, I continued my studies and gained a Bachelor degree in Psychology. I am currently studying an Honours degree in Psychology at UNISA. I also hold an internationally recognized Life-Coaching diploma from The Coaching Training Institute (CTI) in California.

Personal passions…

In my spare time, I like to take in the elements of nature. This includes cycling, hiking, scuba-diving, driving around the nature reserves, taking walks on the beach, getting lost in no-cell-phone-signal areas, watching and studying plants and animals, meditating on mountain tops, dancing in the rain or simply indulging in some quiet and reflective alone-time. I also enjoy painting, a good book, bubble baths, the cinema and some quality time with friends and family over a home-cooked meal.

But what really sets my world on fire is travelling to new and random destinations. There’s something quite extraordinary in feeling out of place, not knowing how to speak a language and discovering a new way of life or belief. I find that it is in those extreme experiences, that I have gained the most treasured memories and personal growth.

I also make a point of tapping into my inner child by getting involved in volunteer work with the Reach For a Dream Foundation. They give me the opportunity to take individuals and groups of young, terminally ill children from all walks of life on wonderful outings and experiences. The belief is that miracles can happen as long as there is hope. When you have hope, there’s a reason to live and so often, these children do in fact go into remission.

I believe in a dynamic coaching style which is guided and determined by you. So if you like my couch, that’s great. But if you’d feel more comfortable sitting on the grass in the botanical gardens, then that’s even better. I am based in Lonehill but am willing to travel on mutually agreed terms or for the benefit of Corporate workshops and consulting.

I currently consult from my private practice in Lonehill during office hours from Monday to Friday and you can contact me there on +27 (0) 82 451 3180 Individual after-hour or weekend coaching sessions can also be scheduled based on availability. Group coaching or Executive coaching is developed on a project to project basis and a meeting can be scheduled to discuss the same.

“We can’t go back in time and we have no control over tomorrow. But we can make the most of today. Magic really is everywhere. You just need to learn how to open your eyes and see it.”


“Veronique .. when I think of her, the words that come in my mind are Energy, Passion, Honesty, Courage. Her eyes will mesmerize you with the energy they radiate. Innocent like a child, Sharp as a hawk, Truthful and Amazing . Her desire and passion to bring out the best in anyone she works with as a coach, is extra-ordinary. We have spent memorable time together on our journey to discover “ourselves” and I had the opportunity to work in client-coach setting with her several times. She will go against the forces to make you realise you are the best, she will make you see your light because you want to believe so much when she says You Can!” Anu Bhatnagar

“Veronique is a detail-oriented manager who can deal with many different situations while staying focus, organized and always on top of things. She is a very dynamic and positive person, very inspiring strong woman.” Irene Mourani Darwiche

“Veronique brings warmth and exuberant enthusiasm to any group. She is well organized and completely dedicated to the task at hand – her positive emotional charge quickly translates into a focused action. On top of all that she is a natural communicator and forges strong bonds with people easily. Next to many tangible professional benefits, Veronique brings many valuable intangibles that are so often crucial for a proper functioning of any team.” Milos Ilic

“Veronique is one of those rare individuals who always offers more to a partnership than they take out of it. She has the unique ability to deliver the right results and at same time touch the lives of people she comes in contact with through her humaneness and never ending optimism. This coupled with her sincerity, objectiveness, eye for detail and exacting standards means that she is best partner you could have on a project. A team that has her will automatically raise its standards wrt professional performance and personal conduct.”Deepak Punwani

“Just dropped in to tell you that the restaurant is slowly picking up. But more importantly, this mail was to let you know that, you have been a positive impact on my life. The passionate way you talked about this venture and the belief that you instilled in me, just gave me the courage to do things and take risks. I am not good at writing mails or being in touch, but you and your can do attitude will always be in my thoughts.” Danni Thomas

“The last time we had a chat, I felt some tingling sensation in my mind and heart. I think it’s time for another coaching session.” Deger Ozkan Cotelioglu

“I know Veronique on a personal and professional level, having worked with her at The Jupiter Drawing room. Veronique has a very calm head when dealing with people, work and deadlines while under pressure. She understands clients needs and delivers above their requests with a professional attitude. Veronique’s astute understanding of people and situations is one of her key strengths.” Glenn Curtis