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Sonja Steinfort-Read

Executive Leadership Coach

coaching culture clubs

Johannesburg (Rosebank / Houghton / Melrose / Norwood / Sandton)

083 566 3143

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Who am I?

Sonja presents a divergent persona, blending pure intuition and mindfulness with ancient spiritual wisdom into meaningful modern day living. Initially Sonja was able to apply her ‘curiosity’ in her professional life as a Marketing Research Consultant, prior to qualifying in Counselling Psychology and as a Professional Executive Leadership Coach. Sonja also offers a different perspective on life, self-mastery and leadership, whilst balancing business acumen.

I Coach:

  • Individuals, professionals, leaders, and executives to excel both personally and professionally to:
    • Establish what they want to do or achieve, by recognising what it is they have to offer and to contribute.
    • Navigate times of ‘uncertainty, complexity and transformation’; in both the workplace and/or life and to develop strategies to cope with the impact or effect this may have on the individual.
    • Build resilience in the face of not-knowing and not having all the information in day-to-day organizational life.
  • Individuals recovering from a major life setback – health, career, relationships.
  • Facilitates group coaching where a small community of peers can relate and support one another.
  • Teams.
  • Retreat leader.

Philosophy and Approach

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self…” Aldous Huxley.

Sonja believes that it is within your power to magnify and multiply your life to create meaning, significance and to reflect authenticity. Sonja’s coaching challenges her clients to be curious, open, adventurous and inspired to live a purposeful life.

Her role as coach is to partner with her clients to facilitate a journey of self-discovery and growing awareness/consciousness for continuous self-development.

Her coaching process taps into the clients’ insight and wisdom gleaned from a culmination of life-lessons and experiences in learning, growing and changing. This process ultimately provides clarity and direction for questions many clients’ bring to coaching. For example:

Sonja encourages reflection, as she supports her clients through a journey of transformation, to co-create solutions that are sustainable.

Career Profile

Sonja’s career has presented continuous success and the effective delivery of strategic leadership, leveraging expertise in research and organizational transformation, diagnosis, business mentoring / coaching and consulting to advance corporate strategic objectives. Sonja is able to develop big-picture strategies to guide organizations in achieving short and long term business objectives, in order to realize significant top and bottom line financial benefit. She offers expertise as a Professional Coach in compliance with regulatory standards.

Professional expertise includes:

  • Coaching – Ontological (Science of Being), Existential, Cognitive/Behavioural, Systemic and Spiritual
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Enneagram
  • Marketing Research Consulting
  • Organisational Transformation / Diagnosis
  • Personal Power and Influence Mastery
  • Retreat leader
  • Strategy Development
  • Team Dynamics
  • Workshop facilitation

Membership of Professional Organizations

Sonja is a member of and adheres to the International Coach Federation (ICF), Coaching & Mentoring Council of South Africa (COMENSA) – Code of Ethics, which honours the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every client is creative, resourceful and whole.

Coaching and Formal Qualifications

Formal qualifications include an MPhil in Management Coaching from the University of Stellenbosch; Mastery II – Professional Coach, and Mastery I – Practitioner Coach from i-Coach, Middlesex in the U.K.; a post graduate degree in Christian Counselling Psychology (UNISA); as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Natal, majoring in Clinical Psychology.

Various courses and accreditations have been completed during her career in order to equip Sonja with the tools necessary to deliver upon best practices. Sonja holds a Master Facilitation accreditation in Team Dynamics and Strategy Development (Worldsview); Part I Enneagram accreditation through the Enneagram Institute (USA); TTT – Time to Think Partner (Nancy Kline); a Diploma in Marketing & Qualitative Research and an IMM Diploma in Marketing Management.


Thank you Sonja for creating and fostering the context for me to get to know you as a professional, an academic, a coach and most significantly, as a person. As you know, I am a sceptic by nature and initially, I came into the sessions with ambivalent feelings. I thought of what I could learn with you that I could not possibly have learnt by myself. The learner in me however encouraged my engagement with you. In hindsight; I can confirm that I would have undoubtedly learnt all that I did with you, on my own but it may not have been in as pleasant, relaxed and enabling an environment as you created. You certainly brought along the professional tools, skills and competencies, enhanced by your insightful theoretical perspectives, to add impetus and value to my learning. My biggest take thus far: explore all opportunities optimally but remember to ‘be cool’. Thank you Sonja and I think you will add value and create great impact wherever you go and with whomever you work. You’re a great coach and I admire the meticulous manner in which you always present yourself. May you grow from strength to strength.
Sara Bux, Fellowship Regional Manager
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation