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Annemarie Ross-Vivier

Business, Executive and Life Coaching based on Neuroscience

coaching culture clubs

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Pretoria, South Africa

Conversational Intelligence® is a revolutionary body of work leveraging the power of neuroscience to create profound and lasting transformation for individuals, teams and entire organizational cultures. Combining science and intuition, Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) aspires to shift our world from I-Centric to WE-Centric and architect Conversational Transformation on a neuro-chemical level. Whether applied to individual leaders and executives, teams or entire organizations, C-IQ is a force for positive transformation such as establishing high levels of trust, triggering growth and innovation, overcoming limiting conversational patterns or gracefully navigating difficult conversations.

As a coach Certified in Conversational Intelligence® I have access to the C-IQ Catalyst Tools and technologies and am equipped to facilitate workshops, masterminds and other in-depth sessions utilizing C-IQ tools and frameworks to elevate performance results, shift organizations into having transformational conversations, create and sustain a healthy organizational culture and much more.

Together, we are changing the World one conversation at a time.

MindskillsCoach offers

  • Business Coaching for Small Businesses
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Conversational Intelligence and Communication Workshops
  • Coaching for teams
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Life Coaching
  • Online Coaching (International)

More about me

Annemarie Ross-Vivier is a Business-, Executive & Life Coach with MindskillsCoach which was founded in 2013. As a Coach, she has worked with individuals, executives and leaders, business owners & entrepreneurs. She has extensive experience with Business Owners in the Allied Health Industry (Audiologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, GP’s, Optometrists, Psychologists as she wants to add value to this industry in which she has 21 years of experience as an Audiologist.)

Annemarie holds a degree in Audiology and Speech Therapy at the University of Pretoria (1995). She started off with a private audiology practice, and has 9 years of experience in this capacity. Thereafter she moved to the Corporate arena to gain business experience, and gained 9 years of experience as Practice Manager and Corporate Manager respectively. She has a MBA at GIBS (2010), and is a Results Certified Coach through RCS (2012). She has completed a Neuroscience and Coaching Course through the University of Pretoria (2016), and the Enhanced and Certified Conversational Coaching Course through WBECS (2017-2019).

Who I work with

My typical client is the individual who feel that he/she is ready for change and who wants change. Someone who is ready to move into a space of discomfort and resistance – the space where growth takes place. This individual need to be motivated, committed, open to new ideas and willing to shift boundaries to create remarkable results.

As a coach, I have experience in dealing with Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Executive Leadership and Corporates (Hearing Innovations, Oticon, Amtronix Diagnostics, WB Administrators, Dura Paints, BetterLife, MunichRE, Sivantos, Cashcloud Online Banking).

This is what some of the clients had to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed Annemarie’s workshop. Her energy and passion is infectious. The insights gathered were powerful but pragmatic. She is a true believer in the power of communication and conversational intelligence as a lever for improved performance! What separates her from her peers is how she marries the science of how the brain works with effective communication techniques to create an experience that speaks to the head and the heart. Highly recommended.” LUNGILE THABO TWALO, Chief Underwriting Officer at MunichRE (2018)

“Annemarie is an experienced coach & facilitator with a history of producing sustainable results across multiple sectors. Her success includes working with individuals & with teams in corporate environments but does not exclude mentoring and growing people in their private capacities. Her ability to demonstrate care & foster connections in a completely professional manner is something that she achieves with ease. In the coaching community, Annemarie should be held in high regard as an example to us all.”DR ALAN BOUGARD, Director at Leadstrong Business Consulting (2018)

“The idea of coaching appealed to me as I think that it is just as important to develop one’s management and leadership skills if one wants to strive for excellence in professionalism. I would like to thank my coach for giving me an opportunity to change my life. As a young woman I have always known that something was missing in my life. I didn’t know what, how and where to start until I met her. The process helped me to discover who I really am and what my purpose is. Within weeks of coaching I could feel that my life was changing. My husband who never knew that I was busy with life coaching, said to me one day “Something about you has changed. You are a lot calmer, you no longer throw tantrums and you are very peaceful”. The process included identifying areas where I needed change to setting up my own goals and plans on how to achieve each one of them. The activities were fun and enjoyable. For the first time in my life I experienced peace within; that inner turmoil that I had was gone. I knew that I was on a path to a whole new life and five months later my life keeps getting better. The process even led to the birthing of a beautiful poetic gift. I can never thank my coach enough for a second chance at life”CLEMENTINE PHALE, Director of Heartronix SA (2019)

“Completing the teambuilding exercise with Annemarie was an amazing experience. I realized that the better you understand your people, the better you will relate to them. Getting to know them as individuals and how they complement the team gave me insight into capitalizing on the strengths of the team and identify areas that needs development. The team analysis clearly sent the message that nobody is just a number, but that every individual matter and play an important part to the success of the team and therefore the company. It can be difficult getting to know people as individuals but when they know you care about them as individuals they are inspired to give you their best effort. At Amtronix Diagnostic we are serious about strengthening the connection between management and the team. Completing the ShadowMatch analysis and applying it to the daily functioning of the team has changed how people value themselves in the team and has also provided insight into why relationships break down but also how to build them. I would recommend a team analysis for anybody who is interested in inspiring their team and contribute to their personal and professional development.”DR ALIDA NAUDE (PhD)Director at Amtronix Diagnostic (2017)