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Nicky Castles

Life Coach

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Sandton, Johannesburg

082 457 1635

Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

I work with you when you want to deepen your understanding of yourself, master your issues and learn how to run your relationships effectively. I am based in Gauteng and work locally and internationally. I provide unique, customised solutions for gaining personal mastery and leadership development. I work with individuals and groups in personal or organisational context.

Nicky Castles is a Developmental and Transformational Life & Business Coach. Intensely passionate about people, she believes that every person can be a holistically balanced, fully actualised being, living with meaning and purpose.

Combining her knowledge of coaching, facilitation and human behaviour with her core competencies of flexibility and creative communication, Nicky guides clients toward their full potential. She believes people already have all the wisdom they need within them and that her role is to unlock their potential and help them shift their limiting paradigms.

To achieve her vision of empowering people to live with personal mastery, Nicky provides a goal-oriented framework in which the process can unfold. Clients are engaged in a meaningful, supportive relationship, by means of coaching or facilitation or a combination thereof. This process assists clients to:

  • Create awareness to evaluate their reality from a fresh angle
  • Create new solutions to old patterns
  • Create ways to overcome limiting thoughts and behaviours
  • Facilitate and provide support and motivation during the change process
  • Holds clients accountable for their commitment to their change process

Nicky’s niche areas are:

Life and Business Coaching in the following areas:

  • Personal Mastery (self mastery and mastery of relationships)
  • Leadership Development
  • Bespoke Interventions for the team & individuals
  • Creating Vision, Meaning & Purpose
  • Working with groups in conflict or not performing at peak
  • Diversity
  • Coaching after trauma

In the organisational context, Nicky sees value in working with an entire company or division, as that approach fosters a more effective learning solution.

Nicky has amassed over 2500 hours of coaching. Her coaching focuses on executives & senior management, managers-as-coaches, coaches, sales consultants and clients seeking life coaching.

Nicky strives to remain up to date on cutting edge learning in her field and finds new and creative ways of looking at changing human behavior and development. She trained with the Metaskills Institute as a Coach and is qualified as a Meta-NLP & Meta-States Practitioner. Nicky holds an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology and is registered as a Practitioner Member with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors Association of SA) and is accredited with the ISNS (International Society for Neuro-Semantics). She completed training in Process Work and Deep Democracy, giving her advanced insight into coaching and facilitating groups. In addition to this, she has a variety of other qualifications related to humans and their development.

Nicky draws on her diverse background and extensive corporate experience in areas such as human resource management, change management, training design & facilitation. Along with her solid business experience and her passion for human development, she brings to her coaching and facilitation her knowledge of Cognitive Behavioural Science, Industrial Psychology, Neuro-Linguistics and Semantics, Jungian principles and the Humanistic Psychologies.

Nicky has international coaching experience and has been featured in Women & Home andSarie magazines. Clients include Nedbank, Wahl Industries and Verizon Business

Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa