Karen Bowman

Life Coach

Johannesburg and surrounding areas as well as Bedfordview/Houghton/East Rand.

I have an international accreditation with the Institute Patterns of Excellence in the USA and am a Licenced Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have a qualification through The South African Life Coach Training Academy, as well as The Smiling Soul Coaching Academy. I have been coaching since 2019 and am the Founder and Creator of Freedom@Last Coaching Company. I have adopted the ICF Code of Ethics in my daily professional coaching practice.

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Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa


Imagine a life where you wake up every day liberated from the sense of disillusionment that comes from feeling like you’re living at a distance from your current reality and the life you are yearning to live.

I am passionate about helping high powered women come back into relationship with lost aspects of their feminine or masculine power and to integrate all these aspects of themselves. Through this process, they are liberated from a narrow corridor of expression that leaves them unfulfilled and not feeling fully empowered, to being able to show up in their world with more confidence, higher self-esteem, the love of their own self and the motivation to bring this fullness – and the awareness of their soul’s purpose -alive.


In my own life, there were certain healing crises that brought me into relationship with distinctly different, but equally powerful transformation processes. These inform my coaching methodology today. Through a combination of the feminine healing powers of compassionate listening, empathic ways of learning to receive support and make space for nurturing myself, as well as action-oriented tools, strategies and techniques to manifest my deepest goals into a landed reality, my transformational process came into full power.

We all hold within us, masculine and feminine energies, strengths and weaknesses and unconsciously are often overdeveloped in one method of expressing ourselves. In my healing practice and through my own process, I have learnt that we often ‘lock-down’, aspects of ourselves in response to trauma or shame attached to either masculine or feminine qualities. When this isn’t in our conscious awareness, we are often over-relying on one set of attributes of self, while hiding another, our full potential isn’t being realized and we never quite feel ourselves.

There was a time in my life where I over relied on my masculine abilities to build, create, overcome, fix, work, achieve.
When I integrated my feminine strengths, those of empathy, nurturing, emotional insight, permission for self-care and self-love and the love of serving others with nurturing – I came into my fuller potential. Today, I help my clients do the same.


Through my 8-week coaching programme, I combine both the pragmatism and structure of a transformative process with a compassionate supportive and understanding ear of reflection and support. I journey with you through the unexplored and fascinating pathways of your mind, heart and soul and bring any locked down parts of you into loving

This is how we unlock your zest for life and bring you back into the world feeling sturdy, complete, inspired and with clarity about what your particular gifts are.

I have been formally trained in a number of coaching techniques, namely: International accreditation with the Institute Patterns of Excellence in the USA and am a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching qualification through The South African Life Coach Training Academy, as well as The Smiling Soul Coaching Academy. I have also studied Transpersonal Numerology.


This is all about celebrating success together!
• We start with a no-charge 45-minute synergy session to determine whether we are a good fit.
Benefits for my free Synergy session:
* Create a crystal clear vision of where you are at present and what you are currently struggling with.
* Uncover hidden challenges/obstacles that sabotage your efforts to live a peaceful, happy life, filled with balance, in a more controlled and stable environment.
* Leave the session renewed and excited about the prospect of being able to achieve these goals and dreams supported by a caring and understanding coach. 
• The first chargeable 60-minute session, which I call the “intake” session, you familiarize me with your story.
• Over the following sessions we work on identifying your goals and developing an action plan for them, as well as carry out various weekly assignments for self-growth and discovery.
• The entire program spans over 8 sessions
Integrative Life Coaching will help you acquire the mental and emotional mastery you need to release, process and transform your limiting beliefs and discover your truth.
Please contact me, so we can start this incredible journey together.


(Contact details may be requested should you require a reference)
Ms. Lynne Mc Callum – Sunninghill
“An incredible journey began on our first session. Karen is patient and intuitive, she listens deeply and her ability to draw you out and light up what lies beneath the surface was always spot on. Being retired, lost, worried, and in the middle of one of the toughest times humankind has ever had to face, I cannot imagine that I made for an easy “client” but it was
like chatting to my best friend. Now 4 sessions later and many, many shifts later, I have a much clearer vision of myself and nuggets of practical advise
on how to continue towards a fuller happier life. I am forever grateful. If you are stuck and looking to move forward in your life or even just the tools to survive our current global situation, from my heart I fully recommend Karen.”

Mrs Lee Breetvelt – Kempton Park
“Karen is a wonderful life coach. When I started with her, I had very low self-confidence and did not believe in myself at all. Karen coached me on how to see life in a totally new way. She has brought out things in me as a person that I never knew I was capable of doing. She is a very good coach and after each session you finish off with a good warm positive
feeling in your heart.”

Mr Anton Bishop – Edenvale
“I was somewhat sceptical and dubious of the role that life coaching could play in my existence as I have learned to pick myself up and get on with life. Not always with the best results or journeys. So when Karen approached me to offer life coaching I accepted it more as a challenge or something to keep me busy during the Coronavirus Lockdown, little did I know the profound effect it would have on me. I received an email before the first session with a couple of forms that I had to complete and that’s when I knew it was serious and beneficial depending on my attitude and commitment. So I decided to go into it with a positive mindset and willingness to change. In the first session a few tough questions were asked and answered and I was feeling a little overwhelmed. However when I woke up the following morning I could already feel that something had shifted for the better!! I did the assignments that were given to me and haven’t looked back. I can honestly recommend that everyone gives it a go and allows Karen to take you on a journey that will bring the best out of you!”

Ms. Melanie Haylock – Benoni
I walked into Karen’s coaching room at what felt, at some moments, like the end. Everything was hard and going wrong or just stagnant. I felt unloved, un-loveable and unworthy. Across. The. Board.
Within 3 weeks, my journey started changing. Karen helped me find that light, make myself a better person. 3 months later, my confidence, strength and ability to tackle life’s little hurdles, continues to grow exponentially. I have so much to be grateful for. Karen is definitely top of that list.

Ms. Johanrie Serfontein – Centurion
I’m writing this testimonial for Karen Bowman, because she has been one of the most important “forces” in the transformation of my life! Before Karen, I always thought life was pretty good. But having Karen as my life coach has been absolutely life changing. I’ve honestly improved so much in more ways than one and so has my life! Karen is so full of energy, love, life and commitment. I love the fact that she holds me accountable. She also challenges me to step out of my comfort zone, because that is the only place that you will truly grow!
I can – without reservation – recommend Karen to you! She is a great coach, scratch that out, THE BEST COACH!