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Clifford Cooper

Master Life and Business Coach

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Parktown North, Johannesburg

082 891 6246

Parktown North, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Clifford Cooper, a graduate of the Evolved Coaching Institute and the Robert Simic Coaching Institute, is a result driven Master Life and Business Coach with an excellent depth of compassion, warmth and understanding. He has the ability to connect with a client so that they are comfortable enough and can expand exponentially quicker initiating immediate success as opposed to months of process.

His personal breakthrough experience is an intense process of helping people to empower their lives and achieve the levels of excellence that they have always wanted to achieve.

Clifford is an expert in creating sustainable change. With close to 4800 hours of coaching experience, his approach to change is simple, practical and effective. Proven and tested tools and technologies, using the culmination and refinement of the latest studies in Neural and Behavioral Science, and effective change management models, achieve it. This scientific, yet holistic approach has become the new standard for creating sustainable change. The cutting-edge interventions are designed to provide the client with the basic and most advanced skills in the world of business performance.

Freeing up personal issues enables one to be 100% present to focus on the tasks at hand. This inspires key individuals and they can then in turn inspire their teams. Working with the teams and teaching them the lingo and getting everyone on the same page create measurable productivity.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Breakthrough Experience
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Change Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Creating Customized Interventions and Workshops


Working with Hyundai South Africa top management teams the following was achieved:

  1. Car sales man promoted to branch manager and then promoted to dealer principal within 6 months – This was achieved by freeing him from belief systems that had held him back from years of personal success.
  2. A dealership went from not reaching target for over one year to reaching target within in 2 months, making sustainable profits within 4 months and maintaining them. This was achieved by an increase in productivity, which increased profitability. Results were achieved by differentiating a level of service with a commitment to excellence.
  3. Three regional managers wanted to resign, after their first coaching session they chose to commit to another 10 years within the company. By inspiring personal growth it ensured commitment to the brand and not just the person. This in turn creates a team that is dynamic and inspiring in the industry avoiding them looking externally for a better working environment.
  4. By creating a better understanding of how to facilitate a career move within the working environment, according to the need of the individual’s growth within the company and to re-establish how the corporate can benefit the individual, a dealer principal was promoted to a regional manager position within 3 months of his coaching.

By assisting a client to understand how they operate helps them navigate through the system better.


  • A teenager healed his drug addiction, found his direction and received 3 promotions within his company within 1 year of his coaching with Clifford.
  • A retired woman was freed from her claustrophobia enabling her to go out into small public spaces, ride in an elevator and experience the joy of air travel for the first time in her life.
  • A businesswoman’s eyesight was restored from 50% to 100% when she healed negative emotions, which did not allow her to acknowledge the wonderful things that were in her life.
  • A guy in his late 20’s could not get over a break up with his girlfriend. 2 weeks after his coaching sessions he started dating again and married his new wife one year later.


Thank you for choosing to work with me. I had an amazing time. I am still in awe with the progress I made so far and I know more is to unfold. I am truly proud of myself for taking this huge step and seeing it through. I am a changed person almost renewed and it feels great! Your kind and welcoming energy helped me through and also enabled me to be open and honest to the process. I am truly grateful to you and for you. It’s been incredible working with you. I will stay in touch…Thank you.”

“Meeting you this year was probably the best thing that happened to me. You have been instrumental in helping me through what has been the most difficult months of my life. Your beautiful spirit, stubborn soul, and amazing wit will forever make you my hero. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate. You are a beautiful human and i’m excited to see what the future holds for you”

I had reached a watershed period in my life and felt that all the creative lights in all the rooms in my mind were off. I have spent a life in the Theatre and Television as an actress, director and writer and this was disastrous. Clifford Cooper was a trusted colleague who I held in high regard. I committed to his course, often sceptical I might add, but with Clifford’s expert and safe guidance, we took a deep look inside and I have come out a winner. A year later I still feel renewed, refreshed and re-aligned. My scope has broadened and I am involved with a whole new range of exciting creative projects. The Personal Breakthrough Experience works because it works with you.”

“I started the coaching with doubt and didn’t believe it would work because I saw it in the same light as other ‘Psychological treatment’ by Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Although I doubted the process before I started, I had enough determination to see what was available and to apply it in my life to see if it would work. To my benefit, I found that it is very different. After only two sessions I had friends of my brother approach my Mom and tell her that they saw something different in me. People from work had also noticed a change and wanted to know why? If ever you try this out for yourself, you’ll understand that you have a ‘Time Line’ and in this time line for the future I had planted the idea of a promotion in 2014. Not even a month later and six months away from Yearly increases, the company I work for increased my salary. It’s all about how you think.”

“Clifford’s methods are incredibly insightful and proved to go deeper than any other coaching I’ve encountered. He’s very supportive in our on-going sessions and always proves a stern reminder that responsibility must be taken in one’s own growth. Change was felt almost immediately (not always in the way I’d expected) and I continue to use the tools in my everyday life. I fully recommend this process.”

“What a life changing experience I have had with you. Thank you for your commitment in walking the road with me and for showing me the true power everybody carries within themselves. You have helped me open up my life to get rid of all the negatives that held me back in the past. I have even experienced physical healing through letting go of all negative emotions that I carried in my life and am so excited about reaching my future goals.”

“It is with the utmost gratitude that I would like to thank you for showing me how to become the person I have chosen to be. Your gentle approach, deep understanding and mind blowing techniques assisted me in letting go of the negativity from my past. I realize that positive change is essential in order to move forward in life, and with your assistance, I now have the tools and confidence to achieve whatever I set out to do. I feel confident about my future and have a clear vision and understanding of how to move forward and turn my dreams into reality. Wishing you continued success in your coaching practice.”