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Paulshof, Sandton, South Africa
Fourways, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Ascertain your life purpose, find what makes you passionate, and apply it to your life and career. Move On Stay Strong has packages that will help you reach your goals and live your dreams by making the most out of your natural talents and strengths, identifying what you are tolerating and the importance of being non-negotiable with your life. You will self-reflect and eliminate limiting belief systems while replacing these systems with more empowering systems, without excuses. You will start empowering and motivating yourself and understand yourself better by understanding your personality with the intention of taking your power back. You will break patterns and reflect on previous relationships whilst letting go of past mistakes and understanding the power of forgiveness.

Not only will you gain clarity of purpose and confidence within yourself but you will also learn to be the best version of yourself by overcoming your past, learning to love yourself in order to become the successful, motivated person you are meant to be.

So ask yourself:

  • Do you have a passion to improve yourself and improve your life?
  • Do you like to have a structure to follow and step by step system with proven results on how to deal with negative past events, improve your present self and reach your future goals?
  • Do you want to have a clear understanding on how to love yourself and set attainable goals?
  • Are you possibly too comfortable in your life and want something to work towards that will give your life purpose?
  • Do you want tools to help you forgive, build your self-confidence, and let go of past obstacles?
  • Do you want to break unhealthy patterns, learn how to manage your time effectively and build your own strengths to stop an unnatural cycle?
  • Do you want to be the best version of yourself that you can be?

If these questions resonate with you, contact Move On. Stay Strong Life Coaching today.

About Natalie Nicholson

Hi I’m Natalie and I am the Owner and Founder of Move On. Stay Strong. Life Coaching. Growing up, especially in my early adult years, I noticed that many of my friends and family would come and ask me for advice on how to deal with situations and how to make decisions. This is when I realized how much I enjoyed helping others. Since then, I have had a passion for working with people and helping others so I decided the best way I can do this is to help people with their lives.

With an Honours BCom in Human Resources and an Honour Social Sciences degree in Psychology, I gained the knowledge needed to help people in an ethical way with proven results from other social science experts. As I learnt more about people and their behavioural techniques, it came apparent to me that I enjoyed the aspects of helping people reach their goals and true purpose in life.

This has led me to become a certified Life Coach with certifications with Renaissance Life Therapies (Life Coaching) and Transformation Academy (Professional Life Coaching, Life Coaching Introduction Course, Certified Confidence Life Coach, Certified Happiness Life Coach, Certified Life Purpose Life Coach, Certified Goal Setting for Success Life Coach, Certified Mindfulness Life Coach, Certified Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach and The Relationship Workshop Facilitator Certification). I have also completed studying a certificate in Life Coaching with the Academy of York in order to register with COMENSA.

My experience in life and my academic knowledge has made me good at shaping and growing people. I truly believe that with the right guidance, every single person is able to reach their full potential and life purpose.