Anerene Ramalhete Rossouw

Life Coach

I am Anerene Ramalhete Rossouw Welcome!

I am a certified and experienced Life Coach and Family constellation therapist.  I am based in Sun Valley, Cape Town, South Africa.  I coach both locally and internationally online.

I am for life, I am for growth, I am for kindness.  I am a wife and a mom and a Life coach.  I love having good conversations and meeting new people.  I love to create relationship and connect. 

 I love to learn new things and I get excited when I figure something out. 

 I try to find the fun things in life.  I enjoy a challenge and am happiest when I am busy; getting the job done is very rewarding.

What I can do for you:

The most important part of my responsivity is to give you options, to change your mindset, and encourage change.  To give you the tools to create focus and set a vision for the future.

To remind you that life’s challenges and hardships are only possibilities for growth and true learning.  It’s in the hardship of life that we grow. 

By truly understanding ourselves, becoming aware and accepting our weakness, and being open to new possibilities arms us to become independent, self-resilient and able to enjoy life again.

Implementing the skills learned and the skills needed in business or personal life to create growth and change.

I am all about finding the individual’s power and creating a platform for growth by breaking down life patterns and having practical solutions to take action.  By putting one back in control and helping renew one’s sense of self.

Who should contact me:

Focus for the future

  • If you are willing to be open to change, to allow yourself to see life with another lens.
  • To align your dreams with your life.  What you focus on flourishes and sometimes we forget to focus on our lives.
  • To get a deeper understand on why we do things.

Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa