Prof Theodore Petrus

Life Coach
Vincent, East London, Eastern Cape
PhD (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University); TESOL (University of Fort Hare); MA (University of London); BA - Hons cum laude (University of Port Elizabeth); BA - cum laude (University of Port Elizabeth)
Mobile Number: 072 284 3156
Email Address:
17 Alfred Road, Vincent, East London, South Africa


I have recently started a practice as a part-time General Personal Life Coach, while continuing with more than 15 years of work as an academic in the higher education sector.  I am currently employed full-time as a research professor in social sciences at the University of Fort Hare, East London campus.  I am a social scientist by training, having attained a doctoral qualification in Anthropology.  My coaching philosophy is much the same as my teaching philosophy.  I employ the Socratic Method, meaning that I prefer an engaged interactive approach to coaching and learning.  The coaching process is a two-way process whereby both coach and client share experiences and ideas, in order to arrive at a mutually agreed upon strategy or action plan.

I am a registered member of COMENSA.  My community engagement work is linked to my current research on gangs in the communities of the northern areas in Port Elizabeth.  I am hoping to move beyond mere academic engagement, to utilising life coaching and life skills training to actively make a difference in the lives of the people in these communities and elsewhere.  I have a background in facilitating various workshops/training related to leadership, life skills and cultural diversity management in communities in both Port Elizabeth and my hometown, Uitenhage.

Coaching process

As a part-time life coach, I prefer one-on-one or individual coaching, either in person, or via email or Whatsapp.  I use a maximum of six (6) coaching sessions, with the first session at no charge.  The first session is designed for me to meet the potential client, and to assess whether the specific issue/challenge that the client has is within my field of expertise.  If not, I can then refer a client to a more suitably qualified practitioner, without the client having spent any money unnecessarily.  If the client’s needs are within my field of expertise to assist, then I would explain the process and structure of the sessions (including frequency of meetings, fees, etc.).  I work from home, and my consulting times are after hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (between 5pm and 8pm).  A session would not run for longer than 1 hour.


Since I am a general life coach I am not at this stage restricting myself to any particular category of client.  I can assist anyone who is dedicated to making positive lifestyle changes in order to become their best self.  These may include issues related to goal setting; communication; time management; career planning; self-motivation; self-management; critical thinking for problem-solving; cultural diversity management; self-leadership; study skills; etc.  My ideal client is one who is open to the sharing of ideas and is willing to critically examine and challenge himself/herself.  In addition to individual coaching I am also available for speaking events for organisations such as NGOs, church groups, etc.


  • Life Coaching Certification (Trifocus Fitness Academy)
  • PhD (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
  • TESOL (University of Fort Hare)
  • MA (University of London)
  • BA Hons cum laude (University of Port Elizabeth)
  • BA cum laude (University of Port Elizabeth)