Barbara Johnson

Life Coach
Hillcrest - Durban
Telephone: 031 716 8226
Mobile Number: 082 784 7656
Skype: Barbara.Johnson48
Fax: 0867 586 914
Hillcrest, Durban Metro, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Hello I am Dr Barbara Johnson of Leadership Dimensions and PDA International.

Since 2002 Leadership Dimensions has been in the business of PEOPLE SOUL-UTIONS creating better people through personalised skills for better communications and relationship building.

In 2014, we became partners with PDA International to provide online Personal Development Analysis and competency Coaching.

Together we Optimise Company Talent through the Discovery and Empowerment of Individuals.

We do this in two ways:

  • Wellness Consulting by way of Trauma, Transformation and Transcendence Counselling and Life Coaching. I personally have a doctrate for 35 years of People Development. This is a non-prescriptive conversational approach based on the UNIQUENESS and DIGNITY of the individual. We work across gender, age, race and life circumstance that manifest in depression, aggression, anxiety, addiction, loss, grief and pain.

This work is supported by my book Yes, Yes YOU! 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE.

  • PDA – Personal Development Analyis Report – a 15+-minute online assessment that creates a 22 page highly graphic report. This too has a non-presecriptive approach.

Connected to PDA Report is MyPDACoach – a six week intervention based on Competency building that show up in the PDA Report.

Please email me requesting docs: Subject Line PDA DOCS to and I will gladly send you: What is PDA Behavioural Analysis?  MyPDACoach

PDA assesses individuals, across their personality type as well as their self-control, emotional intelligence and energy levels in both and in comparison with, their Natural Behaviour and their perception of the requirements of their Role.  PDA is individual-focused, rather than just for HR purposes! PDA puts the right people into the right roles the first time around.

Further PDA can provide a comparison of individuals or groups to Job benchmarks.  It also can provide a Competency framework of 24 competencies providing Person to Job and Competency % FIT / Match Reports.

All secondary reports are free of charge, and there is no yearly license fee nor any System costs.

Results have proven huge cost reductions to companies as well as stress reductions in Recruits / Employees / those marked for Succession Planning etc.

How shall we move forward together? Take a moment now to consider the people you are working with and how LD&PDA can be of assistance to you and your clients.

For those in private practice, consulting, coaching, training and developmental roles PDA Report and MyPDACoach are proving to be an exceptional add-value service to clients and business development for both ourselves and those we serve.

Thank you, I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, Yes YOU!: 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE

Yes, Yes YOU! 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE has now been launched on Amazon.

See a video link to PDA