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Barbara Johnson

Life Coach

In the past 15 years of People Development, I have had to self-develop as well.  I come to a place in my life now that I am the Kzn President of PSASA – Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.  I have been a member for the past 10 years.  I am also a CC CL qualified Toastmaster.  I am available to coach speakers.

My preferred approach to Psychology is Logotherapy.  I believe that I am still the only practicing Logotherapist in the Kzn area. The work of Dr. Vitor Frankl takes psychology to another level of discovering personal meaning, purpose and fulfillment of life.

Business Entrepreneurs face a challenging economy.  They are looking for multiple income streams.   Since June 2016  I have transformed my counseling, coaching and consulting business.  My clients were asking the question about how to run a more viable coaching and consulting practice or life.  I offer a vehicle of assistance.

Business Executive Leaders face more and more stress.  I work across all life circumstances – personal and professional, to assist our company leaders find more balance, peace of mind and ease in their lives.

Women are the teachers, providers and far too often the heads of many families.  Social circumstances are challenging.  Our women need support, encouragement and recognition.  I assist women to move more and more into their potential. Our economy needs women to shine!

Personal Transformation starts with clearing the trauma.  Dr Viktor Frankl’s work is exemplary for easy, fast and sustainable results.  Yes, Yes YOU! 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE is a book that I authored in support and encouragement for personal transformation.   Transformation is about change.  Change is simple once we come to terms with the power we hold within ourselves.