Pier Heynike

Life and Personal Development Coach

Face-to-face: Claremont, Cape Town. Nationally and Internationally via Skype.

Masters in Positive Psychology (MAPP) from NWU, BSc Hons from Stellenbosch University, Core Essentials Graduate Coach University (USA), Certified Lifeline Counsellor

021 180 4085



Claremont, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

I see myself as your Personal Project Partner.
Think change. Think personal development. Think future you.
Possible Personal projects that would benefit from partnering:

  • New to a city and finding it challenging to settle in?
  • Feeling frustrated in a current job and needing to make a change?
  • Decided to learn something new, but finding it daunting to add something to an already busy life?
  • Wanting to write a book, but feeling frozen at the hugeness of the venture?
  • Wanting to lose a lot of weight, but completely overwhelmed by the time and effort it would require?
  • Struggling to juggle family and having a life while setting up your own business?

I work with individuals who are looking to start a new venture and need a partner who will support them while navigating the journey. I team up with you at any stage of your journey: at the start when you are still trying to clarify what it is that you want to change or achieve; in the first stages when you are needing to dig deep to find the inspiration, motivation and dedication to tackle your goal; or along the way when you have hit a difficult spot and are stuck or flagging.

My role is to be a thinking and accountability partner, provide support and be your very own cheerleader.

About me

I am a Life Coach practicing in Claremont, Cape Town, as well as nationally and internationally via Skype. I offer one-on-one sessions, workshops and group coaching. I hold a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coaching qualification. I have also certified as a Lifeline Counsellor and am a registered member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa).

After completing a B.Sc. Honours degree in Applied Mathematics at Stellenbosch University, I entered the working world as a software programmer in Cape Town, South Africa and eventually worked my way up to being an IT Consultant for a global Blue Chip Company, a position which was based in Stuttgart, Germany. At this point, I realized that my career was no longer aligned with my values. Upon returning to Africa with my husband and two children, I first became a certified Lifeline Counsellor, counselling HIV/AIDS and cancer patients of the state hospital in Windhoek, Namibia. After this, I retrained as a Life Coach and opened my first practise in East London, South Africa, which grew to encompass individual sessions, group coaching and workshops for NGO’s and parastatals. My family and I returned to my home city of Cape Town in December 2016 and my practise is now based in Claremont, Cape Town.

I enjoy travelling to new places, hiking, disappearing into a good book, good company, good food, live music and very big rollercoasters. I love adventure and count my experiences heli-hiking, parachuting, diving with sharks, white water rafting and flying loops and rolls in an acrobatic Cesna as highlights.

Here are some personal experiences that I believe have enabled me to understand and appreciate the challenges of attempting a big personal project:

  • Changing the course of my career completely from a science based to people orientated focus has been one of my most rewarding and challenging personal projects
  • Travelling to 18 different countries has enabled me to experience the richness of different cultures. Having lived in four different countries has meant having to learn a new language, adapt to a new culture and completely recreate a life in a new city
  • Losing 30 kilograms in less than a year
  • Juggling raising two amazing kids, writing a master’s dissertation and completely renovating a house in the same year


“My coaching sessions with Pier were useful and absolutely fantastic! You don’t realize how much you may need a life coach until you really experience it. That is the lesson I learnt through my experience with Pier. Even if you feel that all is fine, when you start digging a bit, which Pier helps you to do in a very gentle way, you realize that you live with blocks and limitations, which you didn’t even notice until then!

The sessions therefore are a wonderful tool to know yourself better and find ways to correct and improve what needs to be, to free yourself and live life fully to reach your goals. And if you don’t know what your goals are, then Pier also leads you to determine what you deeply like, want and desire. But Pier doesn’t do all the work for you. She helps you to progress in a safe environment, find your own way, your own tools, and enable you to become the master of your life.

This is everything Pier has brought to me, and I am deeply grateful for that!
Thanks Pier for this wonderful experience!”
Lucie T.(26), Tour Consultant

“Pier has a wealth of experience and knowledge in personal development, stress management, team building and life coaching, which she has shared with us on numerous occasions. Her workshops are experiential in nature and have been extremely beneficial and enlightening not only to myself, but to the general body of the Lifeline membership. Pier is very enthusiastic about developing people and delivers her workshops with great energy and passion.”
J.E. Marshall, Ex Director of LifeLine East London