Caroline Da Costa

Personal & Business Life Coach
Johannesburg Central and Surrounding Areas
Mobile Number: 071 610 0279
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

My role as a Coach is to facilitate a process of growth and self-awareness in a safe and trustworthy environment.  I operate on the core belief that every human has it in them to make a difference in the world and has the potential to be who they want to be, to do what they want to do, and wake-up to a life they want to live.

I guide my clients to move their life forward to find fulfilment, success, well-being and happiness. I help them pinpoint the blocks or obstacles that are making them feel “stuck” and support them with moving through them.  Most commonly I support people with: work-life balance, getting clarity and direction in the lives, career transition, getting unstuck, difficult decision-making, increasing their self-confidence, understanding where their stress and anger resides and achieving greater mental well-being through personal development.

 I am sometimes called...a “Change facilitator” or “Courage catalyst”.

I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, as I do not coach clients who may have chronic mental illnesses. I focus mostly on looking towards the future, rather than dealing primarily with the past (but…sometimes the ‘past’ helps us understand underlying limiting beliefs, mental blocks, obstacles and limitations).

While I may offer suggestions to the clients I coach, and new ideas or action steps, I am not an advice-giver (unless I am asked for advice).  Instead, I listen to my client and ask the right questions to help them find their path, their truth, and the answers they seek. Then I help them align their life with who they are and what they want.

I walk with my clients on their journey to accomplish their goals, make new changes, and live their dreams.

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