Alison Hurt

Life Coach

Cape Town

B. Soc Sc UCT Coaching Diploma from “The Coaching Centre”, Cape Town

082 491 6791

Cape Town, South Africa

My work is to inspire life renewal and authenticity in women looking to dust off their dreams and create new ones. Using life coaching tools, I work with women who want more control over their lives and an improved sense of wellbeing.

We have the capacity to astound ourselves and for some it requires a nurturing, non-judgemental thinking space to realise our true potential.  Without questioning our thoughts and responses, we tend to limit ourselves to our engrained habits and beliefs.  Coaching gives us time to pause and consider exactly what is going on inside our minds, take a helicopter view of our behaviour and give us an opportunity to create clarity and make wiser choices. Coaching provides a mechanism for digging for the truth in ourselves and this paves the way to empowerment and authenticity.

Benefits of life coaching include

  • a more positive attitude, increased self compassion and self confidence
  • improved communication skills
  • enhanced self discipline
  • a well developed sense of purpose
  • an ability to identify goals, accomplish them and set realistic expectations
  • a way to re-evaluate self
  • positive and lasting changes in behaviour
  • an introduction to journalling and mindfulness


“I have found your coaching to be immensely helpful.  In seeking your assistance, I was looking for someone who could help me think critically about the choices I had to make, give me honest feedback about my thinking and decision-making processes, push me to act and not procrastinate, and just be a kind of steady hand on my back – or another set of eyes on the road ahead – during a time of immense uncertainty and stress in my life.  You have provided me with all of these things and more, and I will always be appreciative of that.”
artha, Durban

“Life Coaching with Alison is the greatest gift I could ever have given myself.  I say “gift” purely because the outcome was so unexpected.  My approach to life and the situations that I encounter in my career or personal life are completely different to the way I dealt with them before my coaching experience with her. I am so grateful for her skill and her gift which she shares with so much love and patience.”
Roberta, Durban