Charlotte Haggie

Personal Growth and Clarity Coach

Bergvliet, Cape Town or Online via Skype or Zoom

Diploma in Practitioner Coaching - The Coaching Centre, Integral Africa Institute

+2772 785 7090




Bergvliet, Cape Town, South Africa

Qualified in the Integral Coaching Method and as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I offer my clients a holistic approach to themselves and to the world.  My calm and caring spirit allows my clients to be vulnerable and brave while my love of a challenge helps them build the courage and the resilience to make the changes they want in their lives.

I have always loved working with people and through coaching, I am passionate about helping others find clarity and freedom to live their lives fully, freely and healthily. I thrive on helping clear away the sediment or calm the turbulent waters as my clients get to know themselves and their reflections in a safe and caring space.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a collaborative partnership that allows my clients the opportunity to talk and to be heard in a confidential and supported space.  By partnering with my clients on a journey into themselves, my ability to listen and to see the whole person allows them to work through the overwhelm of their thoughts, the worlds’ expectations and everything else that is muddying their waters.  Through discussion and the use of tools and activities, coaching with me can help to quieten the voices and for the client to see through the mist and clutter of the mind, bringing about clarity and liberation.

Coaching programmes can be created specifically for a client but a general programme runs for 8 one hour sessions, either weekly or fortnightly.

Group Coaching and Workshops

My ability to manage and engage with people from every walk of life allows me to facilitate at all levels with energy and enthusiasm.  My desire to give everyone a voice sees me creatively involving all members of a team or group to reach their goals.

Group coaching with me affords the opportunity for teams and groups to work through issues specific to that group, offering them the space to talk and to be heard to gain both personal and interpersonal clarity.

The integration of tools and content results in workshops that are absorbing and impactful.  My passion for interactive learning ensures that each member of a workshop learns and grows during a session.  I love to share and to learn and I bring this energy with me into each workshop that I do, whether content specific or process based.

Workshops with me include content based on the requirements of each group including topics such as:

  • values
  • identity
  • confidence
  • fear
  • recognising and quietening the inner critic
  • vision and goal setting
  • communication
  • physical health
  • nutrition
  • exercise

Workshop content can also be provided based on a specific request from the group.


Charlotte’s warm, engaging, professional, non-judgemental, understanding nature and approach made it incredibly effortless for me to have an open dialogue and address the subjects at hand. Charlotte is equipped with the knowledge and  possesses the fantastic ability to provide guidance and direction, along with practical day-to-day ‘tools’ that one can apply to everyday life.

I highly recommend Charlotte’s coaching services for both career and personal life. Thanks to Charlotte, I was able to solidify decision making, change and become aware of my thought pattern and re-gain confidence in several areas. Thank you, Charlotte!