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Robert Brain

Life and Career Coach

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East London, Eastern Cape & Online

DiPC (The Integral Coaching Centre); BA (Psychology) UCT; HNDip (Elec Eng)

082 990 9504

Nahoon, East London, South Africa

  • DiPC (The Integral Coaching Centre)
  • BA (Psychology) UCT (RSA)
  • HNDip (Elec Eng)
  • [Age 60]

Based in East London, South Africa, Robert Brain is a qualified and internationally accredited coach and mentor. He specialises in helping clients negotiate difficult life and work situations where they may be feeling confused, conflicted and stuck. As a client you will experience coaching with Robert as a safe place where you are encouraged to express your thoughts and feelings with a view to creating clarity and direction. Robert’s approach is one of active listening and reflecting, where you, the client, are regarded as the expert in your life.

Trained as an Integral Coach with The Integral Coaching Centre in South Africa, Robert also has a BA (Psychology) from The University of Cape Town, and a HNDip in Electrical Engineering.


Robert’s approach is shaped by many years of coaching and mentoring, including over 30 years of corporate experience and more than a decade in senior management at Vodacom. He’s worked across diverse industries like IT, education, contact centres, telecommunications, oil refining, banking, broadcasting and life insurance.

Qualified in electrical engineering, Robert brings rare technical understanding to his coaching.

After many years as a corporate employee he realized his desire to work with individuals by resigning from corporate employment in 2009 and undergoing a one-year Diploma in Integral Coaching training course. He is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Among organisations, Robert has coached and mentored for the likes of Datacash, Old Mutual, The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, Foschini, Risk Flow, Potion Design, The Clothing Bank and a variety of NGOs.

The bulk of Robert’s work is made up of coaching private individuals. Typical clients include those who want to make changes in the lives, who may be mildly depressed and working with a therapist, or who have difficulty identifying and prioritizing what is most important in their lives. Other examples include difficult relationships, career choice and change, changes in life (often around 30 or 50 years of age), menopause, retirement and retrenchment.

Differentiating specialities

Robert is primarily an intuitive listener and a visual thinker. He uses a simple but effective coaching model and supplements this with the use of metaphor. He excels in helping clients restore their self belief and the realisation that they are capable of more than they believe.

Robert creates a safe, emotionally honest context for meaningful reflection, primarily using questions to facilitate change rather than just providing answers. This approach encourages sustainability and ongoing self-coaching.

He’s passionate about working with people seeking personal growth, those who are in therapy with mild depression and people negotiating difficult life situations.

Typical Coaching Framework

Robert’s typical coaching program involves six to eight sessions, resulting in clients who are empowered with an understanding of their current environment, where they are headed and how they are going to get there.

Robert uses the metaphor of crossing a river to describe the different stages of this process that explore:

  1. The near bank (current situation)
  2. The other side of the river (goals and objectives)
  3. The river which represents obstacles to crossing (threats)
  4. Which bridge to use (ways of reaching the goal)
  5. The new territory (monitoring progress and addressing new obstacles)

Robert offers face to face and online coaching via Skype and WhatsApp.

He can be contacted on 082 9909504 or by email at

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