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Lungisa ‘Mimi’ Sonqishe

Personal Brand, Life & Career Coach

Perception and interpretation are two very ambiguous concepts. They move and challenge our lives everyday. Everything we know (or think we know), like the knowledge we have accumulated over time, the skills and talents we share with others, are heavily influenced by our perception, discernment, interpretation and comprehension of the world around us relative to ourselves.

That is just the world outside of ourselves and control, however, what about the world within? What is perceived about the views we hold of ourselves in regards to our ability or inability to reach our goals?


Lungisa Sonqishe is a Personal & Business Brand Strategist and Coach. She is an author of TO THINK IS TO ACHIEVE: Designing A Blueprint For Your Personal Brand. She is a qualified Executive Coach that aims for nothing less than excellence. She is known for her work in creating and  Personal Branding. She is a Keynote and motivational speaker. Her many years in the International Advertising scene has helped shape her to become the expert in Personal & Business Branding. She helps her clients become better versions of themselves. She’s an occasional blogger and an online magazine editor.

Lungisa lived in 3 different countries and studied Mass Communication in Amsterdam, which began her experience in branding and advertising.


  • INHOLLAND University, Amsterdam: Bcomm Mass Communication & Marketing :
  • UCT – Foundations of Executive Coaching
  • ORSC – Fundamentals (CRR Global ) (ICF): Relationships and Teams
  • ORSC – Alchemy (CRR Global ) (ICF): Co-Fascilitation
  • N.H.S – Dip in Life Coaching & Advance Life Coaching


Book Title: TO THINK IS TO ACHIVE: Designing A Blueprint For Your Personal Brand

TO THINK IS TO ACHIEVE is a three-part offering that takes an in-depth look at the necessary elements that ensures the reader’s success in whatever she/he wants to achieve. It gives them a step-by-step guide of how to set solid goals that are near impossible not to accomplish. It will help them set themselves apart and standout from the crowd through effective Personal Branding Strategies.

Readers will get a plethora of tips from social and business etiquette to proficient self-promotion. Readers will learn about managing communication problems and as well as how to exude confidence.

TO THINK IS TO ACHIEVE is filled with practical examples and tips. It is a perfect complete guide for those wanting to lead lives of greater meaning and impact.

ISBN: 978-06398047-1-2

Lungisa’s MISSION

To live my life inspiring a positive change through teaching and coaching.

Lungisa’s VALUES
I believe in the old saying that I should TREAT others the way I wish to be treated. Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity and RESPECT are the fundamental components I choose to live by.

Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration, Growth and KNOWLEDGE are aspects of life that encourages me to SEE differently and openly.

Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Forgiveness, Peace and FREEDOM are states of being that I can never force upon myself, but I can rather experience.

WISDOM is knowing that I still much to learn. With GRATITUDE, I am reminded that a split second can change one’s perspective on everything forever.

Lungisa’s VISION
Living in a place where we are passionate about what we do. Where we stand strong united in our quest for knowledge and the drive to share that knowledge.