Lungisa ‘Mimi’ Sonqishe

Personal Brand, Life & Career Coach
Cape Town
COMENSA Registered Coach
Mobile Number: 079 625 5168
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Perception and interpretation are two very ambiguous concepts. They move and challenge our lives everyday. Everything we know (or think we know), the knowledge we have accumulated over time, and the skills and talents we share with others, are heavily influenced by our perception and interpretation. Specifically, our discernment and comprehension of the world, others and ourselves.

How we decode direct or indirect communication is correlated to the immense data that we have collected since birth. The data we have amassed from loved ones, society, traditions, customs, culture, education and so on.

Now, what about the perception that we hold of ourselves, of our ability/ inability to succeed or contribute our talents…where does it originate? Is it possible to unlearn limiting beliefs about ourselves?

My name is Lungisa Sonqishe. I am a Personal Branding, Life & Career Coach.

This is my brief story…

Even though I studied Mass Communication, a 4 year degree in Amsterdam and worked in the advertising industry for 5 in Dubai. In 2010, I started a company called Elite Conseils, in Dubai. I offered services in Image Consultation and Perception Management. My business focused mostly on external appearance and perception.

Over time, what I observed was that we are resistant to change. My clients clearly saw that something needed to change. However, a lot of them would simply find it difficult to change what has become their “identity” for so long. They thought that people who dressed a certain way were either more sophisticated, more important, looked better than them or are more confident than they will ever be. This insight prompted me to reposition myself. I changed my perspective.

I got it! I started talking to them about how they wished to be perceived and why. I would ask them what they were passionate about, what they absolutely loved doing, and what distinguished them from everyone else. I would have them to describe a situation where everything felt just perfect. I would help them open-up about their values and what they believed to be their mission in life. I thought, “wait a minute, I am on to something here!” Not only that, but I also found my passion! Being of service to others in the best way I know how.

I quickly came to realise that I needed more skills in my newfound path. I immediately enrolled myself in a good Life Coaching institution, The School of Natural Health Science.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Life Coaching courses; both the Introductory and the Advanced level. I feel like life prepared me step by step to where I am at today. Every experience, every country, every book, the education, work and all the skills I have accumulated over time are all the right combination for my current undertaking.


I help individuals who desire a change in their lives realise the significance of knowing who they are and what they truly want in life. I help individual, executives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses differentiate themselves from a sea of uniformity. These are people in either a career transition or those who just want to improve their professional and business prominence.

I am known for my creative imagination, inspiring nature and assertiveness. I take joy in sharing and acquiring knowledge. My vocation is to help others find their spark and do what they are really excited about. I am very passionate about my field and my main wish is that my Clients find their true purpose and mission in life. I believe that we should absolutely love and believe in what we do for a living. My job is reminding you of this great truth and guiding you towards your goals.

Qualifications, Skills & Membership

Mass Communication Degree – InHolland University of Applied Science – Amsterdam

  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Corporate Communication
  • Visual Communication
  • Computer Mediated Communication
  • Mass Communication

Life Coaching – SNHS - The School of Natural Health Science

  • Coaching Applications
  • Obstacles and Anchoring
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Framing and Reframing
  • Representational Systems
  • Building Rapport
  • Coaching Meta Programs
  • Spiral Coaching
  • Different Coaching Models

Advance Life Coaching – SNHS – The School of Natural Health Science

  • Specialist Coaching
  • NLP Methods
  • Employment and workplace Coaching
  • Partnership and relationship Coaching
  • Well-being Coaching
  • Dealing with stress
  • Prosperity Coaching
  • Self-esteem Coaching
  • Psychological Syndromes
  • Ultimate break-through questions
  • Goal focusing
  • Dealing with challenges and setbacks

Holistic Nutrition – SNHS – The School of Natural Health Science

Registered as a PRACTITIONER with COMENSA

I am a published article writer. I write articles on Personal Branding, Life Coaching and Personal Development in general.

My Mission

To activate the spark within others and remind them of their Greatness. To act as the way-shower to their true passion.

My Values

I believe in the old saying that I should TREAT others the way I wish to be treated.
Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity and RESPECT are the fundamental components I choose to live by.

Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration, Growth and KNOWLEDGE are aspects of life that encourages me to SEE differently and openly.

Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Forgiveness, Peace and FREEDOM are states of being that I can never force upon myself, but I can rather EXPERIENCE.

WISDOM is Knowing that I still much to learn.

With GRATITUDE, I am reminded that a split second can change one’s perspective on everything forever.

My vision

Living in a place where we are passionate about what we do. Where we stand strong united in our quest for knowledge and the drive to share that knowledge.


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