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Andrew (AJ) Matthews

Life Coach

coaching culture clubs

Bailey's Muckleneuk, Pretoria, South Africa

083 264 2229

Bailey's Muckleneuk, Pretoria, South Africa


Rate an aspect of your life (work, family, love, social, financial…), or how your team performs, out of ten… keeping your rating in mind, what do you want it to be? How would it be if you increased it by one or even two points… and how would it be at ten out of ten!?

Coaching is the perfect tool to achieve the change you want to see in any team or aspect of your life.

Life can be serious but it’s not always that serious, I use an informal style to create a dynamic environment to easily:

  • identify what you really want
  • highlight the reward that will keep you motivated on your path to your goal
  • identify the “stepping stone” goals that will show that you are making progress and build motivation
  • create an awareness of your current strengths and opportunities for growth
  • brainstorm/build/choose the action steps needed
  • acknowledge and learn from any obstacles
  • all the while championing your journey to success!

From my previous training and continuing quest to learn more, my toolkit is always open to any new ideas and constantly growing. My key tools are a Co-Active and Appreciative Inquiry approach supported by Transactional Analysis (TA). TA is a school of psychology that offers many valuable models and metaphors to create/support clarity and offer/challenge ideas on how to do things differently.

Together, my clients and I find the tools that are needed to achieve what is needed to get to their goal. With the right motivation, anything is possible!

Coach Supervision

Coach supervision is a valuable platform to reflect on you, as a professional coach and personally, as well as your practice. One of the keys to coach supervision is looking out for where you personal might be getting in the way of your professional.

I am a trained coach supervisor and I blend in my coaching approach described above when I am wearing this hat. My wish is for this space to empower you as a professional by walking along side you as you explore your growing edge.

First Step

So, what’s the first step? Contact me to arrange a meeting to learn more, or to answer any burning questions. Also visit my website for more information on myself, coaching, and coach supervision.