Leo Rust

Life Coach, Guide, Mentor


Cape Town - Plumstead, Southern Suburbs & Online

BSc (Psychology)

072 285 9563




149 Pluto Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7801, South Africa

I coach relationships, career, business and life decisions.

I believe life is actually quite simple. It is us who complicate things. Take a holiday or a hiking trip for example. We carry all our supplies in a backpack and life is generally quite straightforward. When we come back home though we slip into “normal” patterned ways and everyday life floods in to complicate things.

I have always been interested in people and how we tick. I live an active, outdoor life. I started guiding and instructing people in climbing and walking while at university. What interested me most though was the growth of my clients when they reached their summit. I did not have the words to describe what I saw at the time.
I have a better understanding now. I am still in awe of my client’s growth.
My Psychology major through UNISA gave me a good theoretical base from which to get insight into human thought but I wanted a more practical approach. I did a Life Line course and later was invited to a Life Coaching course.
The training course lasted 2 ½ years with weekly lectures, live sessions, practicals and ongoing supervision.

How does it work?

Our first session is free as it is a get to know each other session. This means that you and I work out if we want to work together. Then we schedule a few sessions.
What happens you present me with what is important in your life.
We will work with your agenda and at your pace. I see myself as a facilitator in that I come alongside you.
We work with what is working (I might have some ideas on polishing that up), what you think is working (there might be a better or more efficient way of doing it) and what is not working (we work on solutions together).
I stay away from jargon. My challenge is to meet you where you are at and walk next to you on your path. Maybe I am more of a guide, giving the odd pointers here and there but ultimately it is your choice where to go.
My style is interactive.