Jeanne Crous

Leadership and Self Development Coach

Durbanville, Northern Suburbs, Cape Town

• Bachelor of Economic Sciences Degree (USB 2001) • Certificate in Leadership Coaching (USB Exec Dev 2017) • Integrative Enneagram Self-development Practitioner (IEQ9 2018)

083 318 9555


Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa

Personal Development is a journey of discovery, awareness and appreciation of who you are. A journey of becoming the best version of yourself, enabling a happier and more fulfilled life through strengthening your relationship with yourself and others. I use Integrative Enneagram technology as a primary tool to fast-track clients’ integration and development of self. Let me assist you to unlock your potential.

My passions include Business, People, Music and the Development of myself and others.

My values include Equity, Passion, Honesty, Positivity, Loyalty and Integrity.

My top five CliftonStrenghts are Achiever, Responsibility, Maximiser, Relator and Intellectualisation. My Enneagram motivation type is SP3. I maintain COMENSA Membership.

I am logical, systems thinking, inquisitive, creative, positive and process and solutions driven. I pay attention to detail. I am inspired by Positive Psychology, Personal Construct Theory, Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory and Family Systems Theory.