Chantal Dawtrey

Leadership and Management Coach and Coach Supervisor
Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg
Mobile Number: 082 901 2404
Email Address:
Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.” ― C.G. Jung
How many of us live a life of meaning and purpose? Do you dive out of bed in the morning, your heart singing, eager to engage in work that gives you joy? Are you at a cross roads, wanting to make a career move but not sure how? Have you been retrenched and need guidance on what to do next? Have you been promoted and want to excel at your new role but it all appears quite daunting? Come on a journey with me to discover the real you, and your life’s work.

We all want to live to our fullest potential. The daily stresses of modern life sometimes conspire to trip us up and we find ourselves reverting back to old habits that frustrate and no longer serve us. Jobs become mundane, we no longer feel like we are contributing to a fulfilling life. Sometimes all we need is a toolbox or new set of skills to climb out of our rut and continue to grow and prosper. Sometimes all we need is a good pair of open ears to listen to us objectively without judgement.

My coaching model is called the Coaching on Purpose Model. It sets out to identify your purpose statement for your specific situation and then develop, through the coaching process, a keener understanding of what this means in terms of your identity, values, beliefs, capabilities, behaviours and environment. The objective of this is to reveal options, ideas, and alternatives that previously may have been hidden by blind spots and habitual patterns and to make decisions and take actions based on these.

I offer a safe space to open up, to show vulnerability and face fear. I help you discover your real strengths, identify your passion in life and find a way to work with purpose. We go on a journey together, I with the map, you with the compass.

I facilitate group work, from business and strategic planning sessions to group developmental processes using creativity as a launch pad to learning.

I mediate commercial conflicts. Where more than one individual inhabits a space there invariably is conflict. Sometimes emotions and positions become so intense and entrenched that the conflict cannot be resolved by the parties involved. That is where I step in. I have years of experience working in high-conflict environments that have involved executive, managerial, staff and union conflict resolution. Telling our stories is once again one way that is used to clear the way for solution building.


My working experience includes over ten years in the corporate sector in senior positions in communication, client services and product development. A shareholder in a family-owned manufacturing company for 13 years, where I focused on HR, IR, and Organisational Development. Currently I run a coaching, supervision, facilitation and mediation business. I have been coaching since 2007.


I have a BA H dip Ed, majoring in English and Drama & Film, a further major in Communications from UNISA,a Management Advancement Diploma from Wits Business School and  an MPhil in Management Coaching (cum laude) through the University of Stellenbosch Business School. I am a qualified coach, coach supervisor, neurolinguistic practitioner, trainer and an internationally accredited commercial mediator.

I am a member of COMENSA and Chairperson of COMENSA’s Supervision Portfolio Committee and a member of the Research Portfolio Committee.