Shawn Cunningham

Innovation, Resilience and Leadership Coach

Lynnwood Park, Pretoria & Gauteng

Phd in Business Administration, Northwest University; MBA in Business Administration, Northwest University; Certificates in Strategic Leadership, Change Management, Facilitation and Sensemaking

082 9024200

Lynnwood Park, Pretoria, South Africa

Dr Shawn Cunningham is an innovation, resilience and leadership coach. He helps leaders at different levels in organisations to improve their innovation portfolios, to think through their strategy and to reflect on their leadership role. He is an experienced change process facilitator and have helped many companies to improve their learning culture, strengthen organizational resilience and deepen dialogue and knowledge creation within and between teams. He has a broad exposure to many industries and sectors, both locally and abroad. He works with individuals, teams and networks spanning organisations. He is experienced in working in highly technical, manufacturing or science related fields.

Shawn draws on a multidisciplinary background spanning complexity thinking, change management, economic development and business leadership. He has published several books and papers and serves as an advisor to many university labs, industry leaders and government decision makers. He teaches innovation, decision making, strategy and knowledge management at several university programmes.

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