James Dhlamini - Life and Business Coach - Kempton Park

James Dhlamini

Business and Life coach

James Dhlamini - Life and Business Coach - Kempton Park

Kempton Park, Johannesburg

B A Counselling psychology (UNISA); Certificates in Logotherapy (UNISA); Postgraduate certificate in Education (UNISA); Advanced Business and life coaching Certificate (NWU)

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3 Strydom Street, Birchleigh North, Kempton Park, South Africa

James Dhlamini is trained as a ‘Future-focused’ Professional Business and Life Coach, as a lifelong student of human behavior and NLP Practitioner . He is passionate about helping people unlock and connect to their potential in order to perform optimally in all existential spheres of life. James believes that there are people in this world whom he is meant to serve, and applies a carefully planned filtering process that ensures that his passion is released and directed only to these people.

James draws extensively from personal experience and science in his approach to coaching to demonstrate that human mind plays a key role not only in the creation of our reality but also its direction. He understands what it’s like to grow up in environments designed by external forces to shape, direct and to influence internalization processes that give rise to negative self-conceptualization, self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. He understands how powerful neurological, socio-cultural and self-conditioning influences are designed to entrench a sense of contentment with living a ‘normal life’ and helps people to gain new perspectives, self- awareness and clarity of purpose that empowers them to redesign, shape and redirect their own destiny. Having confronted and overcoming formidable social obstacles in personal life, he now dedicates his life’s work and time to helping people to convert their ‘breaking points’ into “break through” by sharing his knowledge, experiences and well understood principles to encourage them in a supportive, trusting and nonjudgmental environment.

James is trained in the use of logotherapeutic methods and techniques which can be applied in various contexts. Logotherapy is premised on a view that life is “unconditionally meaningful in all circumstances”; He skillfully integrates this philosophy into the coaching process to add value and maximize coaching experience. He uses Logotherapeutic methods and techniques to inspire people to find the true meaning of their existence through asking a series of questions that provoke meaning-consciousness on their part.

3 Strydom Street, Birchleigh North, Kempton Park, South Africa