Anne Wafula Anderhofstadt

Integral Coaching

Morningside, Johannesburg

Certified Integral Coach (UCT Graduate School of Business); Master's degree in Organizational Psychology.

076 814 9708


Morningside, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

I am accredited by the International Coaching Federation and my focus is on self-development that is wholistic. This means that I work with all dimensions of your life, for example, your authentic self, your relationships, your work life, etc, and help you find fulfilment and integration in these areas. Coaching is my calling, and I am passionate about working with clients to discover their true selves and develop themselves in line with this.

My professional background is in Organizational Development and I am registered with the South African Board for People Practices. I have over ten years work experience internationally in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania and South Africa in a diverse range of industries. I have worked in both corporate (on projects dealing with human capital) as well as the philanthropic sector (on topics related to the social impact of Corporate Social Responsibility projects).

I have coached individuals from various backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, managers, department heads, regular employees and young adults in their individual capacity as well as corporate clients.

‘’Honestly, you created a space and way for a power and magic in our employee and in such a short time. You have forever changed her life and in turn ours’’ Lee Zuk, COO, JAG Method

‘’A great listener. I am so impressed in the way Anne was able to manage all my complexity. I felt I was handing her such a web of intricacies, yet she could unravel it in such a clarifying manner’’. Private client, Head of a Department

‘’I was able to relate to her. It was almost as if she was giving advice but, in a way, where I learned how to take my own advice from within. I didn’t really realize how I saw myself I wasn’t able to make all the connections to all the skills and resources I already had at my disposal that I can use to create real change for myself. The coaching programme really opened my eyes to how I am able to change my perspective to help me make changes with skills I already have.’’ Private Client, Entrepreneur