Heidi Stayt

Integral Coach


BA Hons degree in Industrial Psychology; Registered at the Health Professions Council as a Psychometrist.;

084 606 3636



Johannesburg, South Africa


I am an Integral Coach and have coached senior executives and managers across industries in South Africa and abroad. I hold a BA Hons degree in Industrial Psychology and I am registered at the Health Professions Council as a Psychometrist. Further to this I have two Coaching Qualifications through UCT Graduate School of Business and I am registered with COMENSA and ICF. I spend most of my time as a one-on-one coach also work with leadership teams as a group coach to help them become more effective. Prior to my coaching career my career was focused on OD, HR and Talent and I represented HR and Talent at Group EXCO level.


I follow the integral Coaching methodology and will in the first session only complete intake where I really want to get to know the person holistically. I don’t coach the problem but the person. I assist clients in creating a current and new narrative that allows them to see new possibilities. I recommend 4 coaching sessions and ask my clients to do work in between sessions.  I travel to my clients and am based in Gauteng. I charge between R1500 – 2500 per session.


I have been coaching since 2011 and I am passionate about development, connection and creating value for my clients. I have found coaching a great vehicle for achieving this. My clients span a wide range of Leaders from South African’s to leaders transitioning into SA and abroad and because I have worked across cultures it has given me a deep appreciation for the challenges Leaders face that work across cultures and countries. I am especially passionate about assisting new leaders and executives with their development and growth, help expatriates settle into SA and help teams and the organisation become more effective.

What clients say working with her as a Coach

She played a key role in coaching managers and developing their ability to have challenging conversations. She was an exceptionally hard working member of our leadership team who focused on delivering and exceeding on her objectives.
MD Global Management – Consulting firm

I have had a few executive coaches and mentors and it is always fascinating that regardless of age, experience or any of the normal selection “markers” for a coach the process is very similar and the opportunity to stretch one self is always evident. The difference I found with Heidi is her authentic approach and the fact that she truly cares for her coaches. She had a structured and yet fluid approach to our discussions and after the sessions I would reflect and realise we actually completed what we had set out to do however it was very seldomly forced or painful.
She was able to take me on a “structured” journey to enable reflection and providing a narrative for me that was very apt as she took time to get to know who I am, what drives me, what my blind spots are and helped me focus on what is needed for the next step. Heidi takes her role as a coach very personally and goes above and beyond what is expected of her as a coach. She is professional and passionate about the service and support she provides and understands that this is a critical step for someone and is there every step of the way. I would highly recommend Heidi as I never felt like a coachee, we went on a journey together and through this collaboration the objective was achieved.

Partner at Global Management Consulting firm