Carolyn Brown - Inside Out Life and Executive Coach - Cape Town

Carolyn Brown – Inside Out Coach

Mindset & Transformational Life & Executive Coach

Carolyn Brown - Inside Out Life and Executive Coach - Cape Town

Cape Town

Research Psychology/IMM, Strategic Life Coach (CTAA), Executive Coaching (UCT); Diagnostic Consulting (Phuel), ECAL (Emotional Capital & Leadership (EQ)), Relate with Confidence (Phuel), Successful Team Management & Enhancement (Phuel), WPP Commercial Acumen (WPP)

083 675 2854


14 Darter Road, Imhoff's Gift, Cape Town, South Africa

I am trained as a Strategic Life Coach Practitioner and Executive Coach and a lifelong practitioner of human behaviour. I am passionate about mastering one’s mindset and helping people unlock and connect to their potential in order to perform optimally, both personally and professionally. 


  • 20+ years working in large organisations practising Research Psychology/human behaviour, helping businesses and brands perform at their best, coaching and mentoring multi-skilled teams at all levels for individual and team performance.
  • 10+ years setting up and managing multiple small business ventures and consultancies for myself and others.

My Philosophy

I believe that one’s mindset is everything and that everyone has a pool of untapped potential waiting to be discovered and used.  You just need to be coachable. 

What value do I provide 

  • A positive growth mindset for lasting change
  • Strategies and tools to help you navigate problems easier and uncover opportunities for growth and success
  • Clarity, progress, confidence, balance
  • Self-empowerment for success, personally and professionally


  • Holistic : Focused on your goals for holistic development, personally and professionally. 
  • Customised : Tailored to your needs and solutions-focused on what is true and unique to you. 
  • Affirming : Positive in approach. You, the client, are talented and resourceful. Our work is based on your strengths. 
  • Strategic : We make a plan based on your compelling desired future, and create structures to support the plan. 
  • State of the Art : My work is based on proven approaches and methodologies/models e.g. GROW, KOLB, NLP, CBT 


The process is creative, affirming and generative-and based on supported approaches for client success. 

Packages & Periodic Specific Programmes :

Personal and Professional / Business, online and in-person or at client’s premises

  1. Short term – 6x sessions 
  2. Long term – 12x sessions

Minimum of 2x sessions per month 

5% discount if paid upfront 

Ideal clients

  • 18+ looking for career opportunities
  • 25+ transitioning in career roles & responsibilities 
  • SME’s/entrepreneurs starting out or looking for growth & better team performance
  • Individuals looking for personal growth and direction in life (18+60+), those transitioning through life’s ups and downs

My purpose

To help you tap into your untapped potential, changing mindsets for growth. Equipping you with the necessary skills to navigate change easier and uncover opportunities for growth. I am passionate about empowering people be the best they can and watching them flourish and be successful. 


  • Career development : Coaching assists individuals to understand where their strengths lie for better success and fulfilment. 
  • New role coaching : When people are transitioning into different roles / a new role be it a change in role or into a leadership role, coaching ensures a good start and a smooth transition, ensuring success and fulfilment. 
  • Small business coaching : Coaching ranges from set-up to team performance to opportunities for growth and success. 
  • Change navigation & support : Individual coaching helping you transition through difficult or trying times. 
  • Personal Growth 
  • Life Coaching

14 Darter Road, Imhoff's Gift, Cape Town, South Africa