Margot Brews

Health and Wellness Coach
Mobile Number: 082 413 2426
Kyalami, Johannesburg

With a background in critical care nursing and a masters’ degree in business administration, Margot has over 18 years experience in the design and implementation of health risk management, fund governance and business management programs.

As an Executive Director of several health risk management and information technology companies, including a three year stint as Deputy General Manager of medical risk management operations at Discovery Health, Margot understands that the demands and pace of business life are increasing, creating an expanded need for integrity, accountability, hands-on involvement, and authentic leadership. Because everything takes place in real-time, there is no downtime to reflect, review progress, or rise above the fray to evaluate or change a course of action.

On the other hand, she knows that coaching can provide an oasis of calm, a place for executives to calibrate strategy, to evaluate themselves and their performance with an objective third party. It may be one of the few ways to get candid feedback, guidance, and the development they need to prepare for the future.

Combining her scientific background, experience as an executive director and dynamic skills as a coach, speaker and trainer; Margot focuses on helping people develop their individual talents and capabilities so they are resourceful, resilient and can navigate change for a fulfilling career and life.

Margot is an internationally accredited Meta-Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, and the author of three books on self development. She specializes in executive coaching, leadership benchmarking and training. Her nurturing yet powerful style challenges and supports clients to become the best they can be.