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Glenda Patterson Life Coaching

Personal Life Coach

Glenda Patterson - Life Coaching - Upper Highway Durban KZN

KZN, Durban, Upper Highway and surrounds.

Results, Neuroscience Brain-based Coach; Registered nurse with experience in the fields of Midwifery, Community and Primary health care

+27 73 141 8658



As a Results Brain- based Coach, I have the skills and knowledge to work alongside you to find a new way of thinking and living. That helps you become even better than you currently are.

In coaching we discover that our minds are wonderful, expansive and pliable, able to change and grow. Once we start to think differently, our perspectives change, we become more creative in our thinking, we start to see things differently and we start to problem solve and move forward into a more hope-filled, positive spaces.

We become inspired!

This is a powerful journey. It brings you to a place of wholeness and healing, purpose and passion for what you love. Through conversation – goals and purpose are identified. Strategies are developed to move forward.


My coaching methodology is one that resonates with my life career. It is that of walking alongside people, listening to them. Through conversations, assisting them in their thinking and decision making, helping identify and manage the obstacles they have, and to move forward, in a focused, positive, solution orientated way.

I work in any areas of your personal and professional life. I offer online and one-on-one, in person, sessions.


If one or more of these 12 statements resonate with you, this could be just the place and time for you to start your journey.


  • Desire a journey in personal growth.
  • Are navigating difficult decisions and challenges.
  • Are having to resolve conflicts and manage difficult relationships.
  • Are processing and adapting to change.
  • Are needing to grow in resilience and self-confidence.
  • Need to establish boundaries for their life, to find balance from over commitment.
  • Are “stuck” and not sure what to do next.
  • Need to figure out their limited thinking and mindsets that are holding them back from success.
  • Simply want to learn more about themselves and become even better than they already are.
  • Want to progress in their careers, school life, studies.
  • Feel they would like to manage their time and resources better.
  • Have a yearning for goals and a purpose – to dream again!

You need “YOU” to be the best you can be!

Your family and friends need “YOU” to be the best you can be!
The world, this fragile planet and all who live on it, need “YOU” to be the best you can be!

Today, you can begin your journey of discovery, growth and freedom to be your best ”YOU”

“What is life, if we can’t live it to the full. Knowing the joy of our purpose and the inner peace of being completely and authentically ourselves…?” Glenda Patterson