Lorraine Beaumont

Executive Coach/ Life Coach/ Mentor Coach/ Leadership Development

Johannesburg – Randburg/ Northcliff/ Sandton and online

061 927 4364



Johannesburg North, Randburg, South Africa

Coaching Experience and Strengths

 Lorraine Beaumont is a Life and Executive Coach who will assist you in unlocking your purpose and finding your shape in the world. She is fanatical about helping people and organisations to recreate themselves from the inside out and to be the best that they can be. Lorraine’s extensive life and corporate experience and bears testament to the positive results of coaching. She utilises models and tools that are best suited for each client’s specific needs and has also developed her own coaching Model called the SHAPE UP Model which draws from different models and psychological theories ensuring a holistic approach.

In her coaching with you, Lorraine will assist you to be more self-aware as you realise that your current reality is not truth. She will assist you in identifying unhealthy thinking patterns and beliefs that are not serving you and provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you explore new narratives so that you can be the architect of your own destiny and live your life with intention. You will find a safe space for learning and insight that will result in self-correction, generation and sustained change.

Business Experience

 Lorraine has a background in Psychology and spent 16 years in the corporate environment as a Company Secretary. She has worked in private and public sector environments and understands the challenges facing these organisations. She has liaised and advised at all levels of the organisation and has first had experience of the governance, processes, corporate culture, decision-making, particularly at State-owned Companies. As a Company Secretary, she also understands the power dynamics and corruption that plagues these organisations.  The needs of organisations for leaders and managers to manage with a coaching and mentoring style fuelled her development of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring training which she piloted and was well received by Transnet Freight Rail Leadership. She will be rolling out the training at Alexander Forbes and plans to empower organisational leadership through this training to enable them to have more structured and fruitful conversations with employees and to ensure that communication of the strategy is clear and agreed by all for optimum performance. The training is also aimed at ensuring greater awareness in leaders and managers or themselves as well as their employees as they learn to approach differences with curiosity and compassion instead of judgment. Lorraine’s keen interest lies in addressing the performance and structural issues that hinder state owned companies from achieving at their peak and seeks to identify gaps between systems, processes, policies and actual successful implementation which is inevitably related to the behaviour and attitudes of people. People optimisation in organisations is also her focus as she assists leaders in identifying whether their people are correctly placed to ensure maximum value and what tools should be utilised in different scenarios.

Education and Accreditation

 Lorraine is a certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Negative Emotion Therapist. She Majored in Psychology and worked as a Child-Line Crisis Line Counsellor and HIV/AIDS educator. She has also completed the Post Graduate in Coaching through the South African College of Applied Psychology. She is a registered coach with Coaches and Mentors South Africa and has qualified as an Associate Credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching (South African College of Applied Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (University of South Africa
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Life Coach
  • Negative Emotion Therapist
  •  COMENSA Registered Coach and member
  • ICF member