Tess Deighton (MPhil)

Executive/Leadership Coach, Retirement & Career Coach


Durban based: In-person & Virtual Coach

Master of Philosophy in Management Coaching (UStell); Bachelor of Business Administration (NQF8); Graduate Diploma in Marketing (NQF6) – IMM; Train the Trainer (NQF4)

082 444 0314




Durban, South Africa

You have one life to live. What are you doing to make it count?

An ICR credentialed coach with a Master of Philosophy in Management Coaching, Tess brings years of coaching experience to the table, having worked with leaders in partnership, directorship, executive and managerial roles as well as entrepreneurs.  A deep level of people skills and sound business acumen has been acquired having worked across a diverse spectrum of industries in both Human Resources and General Management in both the Corporate and Entrepreneurial Sectors.

Tess believes that the benefit of building self-awareness is the unlocking of a desire for improvement and fulfillment together with the ability to embrace change. She says: “Coaching has highlighted for me, that human beings have untapped potential and unlocking this, builds the desire to be the best they can be. The benefits of this, for both individual and corporate, are numerous”.

Coaching specialization:

Coaching leaders in both corporate and the entrepreneurial arena.

Executive & Leadership development

Transition coaching 

Career Coaching

Retirement Coaching

What’s the benefit to you:

  • Building your self-awareness by unpacking what makes you ‘tick’
  • Coming to terms with your strengths and developmental areas and how to leverage positively on what you have to bring to the world
  • Challenge you on how you do or don’t use your learnings from experience in helping yourself move forward
  • Understanding limiting beliefs and how to free yourself from them
  • Considering your leadership style, how to build your ability to handle change and build resilience

Coaching Model:

Tess’s Kaleidoscope Coaching Model is a model underpinned by theoretical inputs, applied in varying degrees dependent on the requirement of the individual and the organisation.  These theoretical underpinnings include: The Thinking Environment (Kline, 1999): “the quality of my listening helps the client’s quality of their thinking”; Positive Psychology (Csikszentmihalyi, Seligman, 1991): Working with people’s talents and strengths to build them positively; and Integral Theory & Model (Wilbur, 2003): A holistic, integrative and whole approach looking at numerous aspects of a client’s reality from different angles and levels.  


“Leading from the Inside Out” – Using your Clifton Top5 Strengths” – Full day Workshops

‘’Team building” – Underpinned by Clifton 34 Strengths – Half or Full day Workshops

Professional Certifications:

  • ICR Accredited Coach and Business Coach 2022
  • Aurik Business – Accredited YBE & Goal-Setting Facilitator 2022
  • Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner – 2019
  • COMENSA –  Vice Chair KZN Branch, 2019


  • Master of Philosophy in Management Coaching (UStell) (NQF9) 2018
    • Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management – UCT 2015
    • Trained Counsellor – Grace Family Church 2015
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (NQF8)
  • Graduate Diploma in Marketing (NQF6) – IMM
  • Train the Trainer (NQF4)


Tessa is able to tailor-make her coaching approach and look at things holistically.  Her experience in the corporate world in HR and other consulting roles, has equipped her to coach from a place of authority.  Andrew – MD, Manufacturing concern

I appreciated Tessa’s ability to remain neutral throughout the coaching process.  She has the ability to listen, process and guide the sessions in a way that I would benefit fully.  There was great advantage in going back and reviewing the progress, thereby encouraging further growth.  Arianne – NPO Founder and Lead

Tessa helped me gain a greater self-awareness and I realised how out of balance my life and thoughts were.  The coaching process enabled me to be accountable and the feedback on the process was consistently positive.  Kirsten – Pastoral Leadership Team

Tessa made me realise that if you are focused and inspired, you can achieve anything.  You need to believe it; you need to know your strengths and work methodically on your limitations.  The process allowed me to believe in myself and my self-worth.  Dawn – Regional Sales Manager

I found the process to be one of collaboration between myself and Tessa to identify areas of my life and personality that were causing me to feel a lack of control and purpose.  Instead of being told what I needed to change, I was guided by Tessa to find solutions and given the skills to implement these.  It was revelation to discover a set of beliefs I had that were self-limiting, and not necessarily accurate, and discovering that I could change these beliefs.  The entire process was a positive experience and has left me feeling more confident and motivated to create a more fulfilling future for myself.  Josi – Franchise Owner