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Nerisha Maharaj MBA.CA

Executive Leadership & Life Coach, Enneagram & EQ, Yoga & Meditation

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Durban & International

MBA UCT Graduate School of Business(Advanced Leadership and Coaching); Chartered Accountant; Yoga and Meditation Instructor (200 hour EYR-T); Certified Coach (Integral & Ontological Coaching); Accredited Advanced Enneagram, Lumina Sparks, EQ and Brain Styles Assessor; Accredited DDI Trainer

Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga, South Africa

Nerisha is an international Executive Coach and author on the road less travelled, assisting fellow humans to find their inner Light and live with purpose. Combining a unique blend of expertise in the fields of consciousness, ancient Eastern spiritual psychology, global business experience, the Enneagram and self-mastery, she unleashes a higher consciousness in her clients. Journeying with people across all walks of life, her belief is that everyone has the choice and capacity to be a leader in various aspects of life. Her passion is helping people become alive to the presence of their authentic Selves, which awakens joy, creativity and effectiveness.

A certified yoga and meditation teacher, and CA with an MBA, Nerisha’s corporate career spanned working for Deloitte and Unilever, living around the world in London, New York, and Botswana, providing direct Board support on strategy, risk, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. As adjunct faculty at the UCT Graduate School of Business, she teaches the Self-Mastery through the Enneagram, Self-Love and Leader Evolution course on the Executive MBA annually, ranked as the best Executive MBA in Africa, Top 50 in the world (2019).

Her book Self-Love:The Authentic Path to Conscious Leadership, was based on her award-winning, peer-reviewed, internationally published MBA research. It was the first academic research into Self-Love, and its link to Leadership impact, in the world, making her one of the recognized global experts in this topic.
This unique diversity of expertise enables Nerisha to coach holistically with her clients. Combining integral and ontological coaching methods, she works deeply to integrate mental, physical, emotional and spiritual human intelligences.

Nerisha’s experience includes over 7 000 hours of coaching across diverse industry and client profiles, with an international client base that spans the globe. Coaching a diversity of clients with a solid proven track record of successful results, she works with clients ranging from CEOs to millennial graduates, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, chefs, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, and engineers. She has run Leadership & Management Coaching programmes for Bidvest Tank Terminals, Santam, Dundee Precious Metals and City Logistics, and facilitates a range of Enneagram, EQ, Team Dynamics & Leadership Development workshops for corporate clients. Her yoga and meditation training includes 15 years as a practitioner, the completion of 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training, ongoing studies with monks and advanced meditation training in Rishikesh, India. Nerisha writes for various publications, and is a sought after, albeit reticent, guest speaker. She finds her soul joy in the study of ancient spiritual philosophies and travels to sacred places off the beaten track. For more information, visit

Her clients include:

  • Aspen Pharmacare
  • UCT Graduate School of Business
  • Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb (Namibia)
  • The World Bank
  • Bidvest Tank Terminals
  • City Logistics
  • Santam
  • RCL Foods
  • Ampath Laboratories
  • Clockwork Media
  • Almar Container Group
  • Prudential Investment Managers
  • Standard Bank
  • Unilever
  • SA Homeloans
  • Acti-Chem SA
  • Conversation Lab
  • Umgeni Water

Published Books, Articles and Conference Papers (Refereed):

Maharaj, N., (2016). Self-Love: The Authentic Path to Conscious Leadership. (available on, Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Barnes & Noble and Kobe).

Maharaj, N., & April, K. (2013). The power of self-love in the evolution of leadership and employee engagement. Problems and Perspectives in Management11(4), 120-132.(Awarded UCT Graduate School of Business publication award Jan 2014)

Maharaj, N., & April, K. (2013). Self-love & leadership: Tapping the heart of employee engagement. Ashridge International Research Conference 3 (‘Multigenerational Challenges: Integrating Younger and Older Ages in Managing the Organisation’). Ashridge Business School, England, UK, 19th-20th July 2013.

Client testimonials:

“Nerisha approaches coaching in a very holistic and outcomes driven way. She adapts her approach and material to suit individuals very well. She uses the Enneagram as a basis for self-awareness. Core to her philosophy is that self-mastery and self-love are fundamental to effective leadership. Personally, Nerisha has helped me grow as a leader. I have gained great insight into myself and my team and actively worked with her on areas I am aiming to improve. I have seen significant impact on team members who I set behavioral self- development objectives for. Feedback from customers and team members are testament to real change being effected.”
Ryan Gaines, CEO City Logistics

Through Nerisha’s calmness and gentle guidance I felt like the weight of the world has been lifted from my mind, heart and shoulders after every session. She has the unique ability to read through all of the business politics, personal and emotional turmoil so accurately. She puts all this into focus through perspective provided. She just gets it! If I needed to provide a single phrase to define my coaching experience with Nerisha, it would be that she is a “BLESSING IN DISGUISE”. She has a way of organising and repackaging your own, sometimes confusing thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. She is someone you can confide in and learn more about yourself, your professional skills and career ambitions. Through her coaching she helps you to uncover and reach your full potential! Thank you for being part of my journey, Nerisha!
Madrie Erasmus, CFO Santam Namibia

 “The key message in Nerisha’s workshops and coaching sessions is that self-mastery is essential to achieve higher levels of consciousness and your leadership goals. Nerisha’s use of the Enneagram and Lumina Sparks tools perfectly supports her coaching philosophy. I have grown, both personally and professionally, and I have also seen a very positive impact on a number of our team members as a result of her coaching. Nerisha is a true professional.”
David Leisegang, Managing Director Bidvest Tank Terminals

“Coaching with Nerisha has made my leadership journey easier and has taught me to reflect on issues and problems using multiple lenses and/or perspective. The Enneagram has really made a difference to my understanding of how I understand, respond to and deal with people. Nerisha’s holistic approach is what has made a real tangible difference on my journey of self-mastery.”
Thuthu Mbhele, CFO University Kwa-Zulu Natal

“Coaching helped develop more self awareness about my own limiting assumptions and how to overcome them. It was also pivotal to my own self confidence and helped me understand work related to my studies towards an MPhil Management Coaching. It was through coaching that I improved my own competency as a coach. I identified areas requiring my attention in terms of planning my work and leading my team. My coach assisted me to think through issues, to listen for understanding, to think strategically, to challenge my limiting assumptions, to excel at my studies.”
Linus Gwala, HR Director, Dundee Precious Metals Namibia

“Nerisha’s coaching over the year and half that we worked together has revolutionised the way I view myself both personally and professionally. She helped me to shape new ways of thinking and new ways of being which got me through numerous challenges and enhanced the successes. I am truly grateful for Nerisha’s coaching style which was firm but always loving. She has helped me to ask good questions about my thinking and shift my thinking in ways that serve myself and those that I interact with better. Thank you for contributing to my leadership and Self-Love journey!
Kumeshnee West, Director Executive Education, UCT Graduate School of Business

“Nerisha seems an expert in her chosen career of life coaching. She immerses herself in this process with others. Very open approach to coaching and pretty flexible to the needs of the incumbent.”
Botsepegi Motau, L&D Manager, Santam

“On the Enneagram and coaching, it’s not just about leadership development, it’s about your life. Personally, I think it improved the quality of my life 100%. And I’m sure it is going to be even greater as I integrate it more and more into how I speak, think and act. What has changed for me is how much I am loving what I am doing. My work is a vehicle toward realising who I am. What unlocked it for me was the Enneagram, coaching with you, and your book. It really helped me to get to know who I am”.
Gabisile Ndwandwe, HPC Director, Unilever

“Nerisha is a gem! Coaching with her has changed my life in both my personal space and career. I have achieved things that I never would have gone for if it had not been for her coaching. There is no prodding or forcing, just a gentle spirit allowing you to engage with your inner self in a bid to get you to where you want to be. Thank you Nerisha!”
Nicolette Govender, Operations Manager Richards Bay, Bidvest Tank Terminals

“Nerisha you are great at what you do, a real blessing.  Keep up the great work. I think sometimes we don’t realize the impact these Programmes have on our people at their hour of need in their personal and professional lives.
Ntuthu Dingela, L&D HR Team, Santam