Luthando Daniels

Executive Leadership Coach

Luthando coaches executives, celebrities and professionals from diverse disciplines.

He has developed an Emotional Climate Measuring Tool (ECMT), an assessment instrument that measures the emotional aspect of organisational consciousness. He is an author of three books, which includes his latest bestseller titled; 21st Century Leadership Consciousness.

He has consulted for various organisations around South Africa, and has landed coverage in broadcast media featuring articles around Leadership and Executive Coaching.

He has studied, analyzed and utilised corporate and team case studies in the development of consulting tools and organisational assessments that diagnose troubled & diverse organisational challenges.

He is a highly influential and an excellent communicator, who continues to challenge himself through knowledge acquisition, research and social experiments.

He is a Co-Founder of Destiny Coach, a coaching certification programme that serves to capacitate organisations and professionals with practical tools for coaching, mentoring and self leadership.


Luthando Daniel’s is an incredibly intuitive, flexible, natural and talented coach, from our very first session it was evident enough that coaching was not just a carreer but his calling. He helped me understand my journey as a leader and lead me to a space where I understood better what is entailed in leadership. He helped me find a key to successful leadership that will always be my guide throughout my whole journey as a leader. I’ve grown so much as a leader and also as a person.
Makaziwe Ntuli, Registrar of deeds, Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (Johannesburg)

Mr. Luthando Daniels is affiliated to the ICAS coaching programme and has been rendering his coaching service to ICAS for the past three year, working with our biggest clients in various sectors, private and government. Luthando has vast experience and knowledge in executive coaching, he has been coaching at this level for ICAS and great feedback on his coaching has been received.
Sipho Luthuli, Learning and Development Administrator, ICAS

Luthando Daniels is an excellent executive coach. He is a great listener, understands the dynamics of a work environment including pressure points an executive may face. He is brilliant at applying theory and ‘concepts’ and making them real in terms of application. He is innovative in his thinking and focuses on identifying the root cause to issues. He is also well read in terms of coaching and applying it to how the world is evolving.
Siphethe Dumeko, CFO, Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS)


  • 2017 Masters in Leadership and Management. Logos University (Florida)
  • 2005 Diploma in Management Computing Accord Business Academy
  • 2015 Master Coach  Neuro Coach Institute
  • 2015 Practitioner Coach Kim Coaching Academy
  • 2012 CTT (cultural transformation tools) Practitioner: 1&2Barret Values Centre (USA)
  • 2012 Executive Leadership Institute for national transformation
  • 2010 Cross Roads 1&2: South African Theological Seminary
  • Professional Body: Africa Board For Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology