Belinda Davies

Executive and Business Coach; Strategic Leadership Specialist

Durban and International

Diploma in Practitioner Coaching The Enneagram Personality Assessment The Emotional and Social Competencies Inventory. I am a credentialed Master Coach with COMENSA.

082 551 9504



Durban, South Africa

Belinda Davies is an Executive Coach and Strategic Leadership Specialist. She has been in broader field of people development since 1986, having started out in the hospitality industry.

She has been involved in strategic planning and management development since then, and has chosen strategic leadership and leadership development as her special areas of interest. She has a particular interest in “from strategy to execution”, and works with leaders and leadership teams to help them to ensure the execution of strategy despite everything else that they have to deal with. She sees her main role as helping them to reach “the simplicity on the other side of complexity.”

She has taken about 200 middle managers through an exciting accelerated development programme that builds knowledge, skill and impact through a combination of group action learning and coaching.

Belinda has recorded more than 8000 hours of coaching with executives, middle and senior managers and teams. She has a sound understanding of business and strategy across a broad range of industries including logistics, construction, heavy commercial vehicles, passenger cars, manufacturing, engineering and retail.

She has served COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) as KwazuluNatal Chapter Chairperson, National President from 2008 – 2011, Chairperson of the Ethics Committee, and as Company Secretary.

She is a committed member of her profession who has devoted a considerable amount of time to mentoring aspiring and learner coaches, and contributing to the skill and knowledge of her professional colleagues through her Coach Supervision.

Coaching Methodology

Belinda’s broad approach to any coaching assignment is:

  1. Coaching brief: Establish the purpose of the coaching assignment – this involves the client and his/her manager, or any other custodian of the process.
  2. Assessment – this might include 360 degree feedback, a personality profile and an Emotional Intelligence assessment, depending on the nature of the assignment. She likes to use the Enneagram with all of her clients, but is also comfortable working with MBTI or DISC.
  3. Objective-setting: using the assessments and the information from the initial coaching brief, establish the client’s own coaching goals.
  4. Coaching methodology: Belinda’s philosophy of coaching draws from the world of Positive Psychology, and a consuming interest in what enables people to live truly effective and satisfying lives. In working with her clients, Belinda works with the thought patterns, assumptions and competencies that are either preventing clients from achieving their desired effectiveness and satisfaction, or that will take clients towards their goals. She uses an emotional intelligence framework that looks at:
    (i) Raising self-awareness: How is the client showing up and is this what is desired?
    (ii) Developing self-management competencies: How does the client need to think, respond and behave in order to have the desired impact, effectiveness and satisfaction?
    (iii) Improving awareness of others: What is the impact the client has on others? What impact would he/she like to have and how might he/she achieve this? How might others respond if the client shows up in a particular way?
    (iv) Managing relationships: Engaging with others in a way that is mutually worthwhile and rewarding.
    Belinda sees her main role as a coach as being to enable her clients to learn and change using their current context and their own experience as the source of their own wisdom – they can work out for themselves the course that they need to chart if they are offered a thinking space, useful feedback and observations and some catalytic input from the coach. The work unfolds in successive learning cycles (Kolb) that deepen the client’s insight and understanding, creating new ways of thinking and being and resulting in sustainable change.
  5. Shadow coaching: observation of the client in typical leadership situations with his/her team, followed by sharing of observations and coaching.
  6. Review: evaluation of the progress achieved in relation to the coaching brief and the client’s coaching objectives with the client and, if appropriate, his/her manager and/or sponsor.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive and Business Coaching
  • Individual, team and group coaching
  • Supervision of Business, Executive and Life Coaches – individual and group
  • Strategic leadership
  • Crafting of strategy
  • Disciplined execution of strategy
  • Leadership and management development in organisations
  • Training and coaching of Manager Coaches and workplace Mentors
  • Emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management
  • Team dynamics and team development
  • Managing stress
  • Group processes and organisational development

Clients from Whom Testimonials are Obtainable

  • Boxer Superstores
  • Business Connexion
  • Discovery Services
  • Eskom
  • Institute for Security Studies
  • KZN Parliament
  • KPMG
  • Legend Security
  • M.A.N. Truck and Bus SA
  • Massmart
  • Maxiprest Tyres
  • McCormick South Africa
  • Mercedes Benz South Africa
  • Momentum Health
  • Mr Price Group​
  • NC2 Trucks
  • Nedbank Limited
  • Netcare
  • Philakahle Wellness Centre
  • Protekon
  • Sapref
  • Sara Lee
  • Scania South Africa
  • Smith & Nephew
  • Spar
  • Sovereign Health
  • Standard Bank
  • Strauss Daly Incorporated
  • Thanda Private Game Reserve
  • Tongaat Hulett Sugar
  • ​Volvo South Africa
  • Vopak Terminal Durban
  • WHBO
  • World Vision
  • ZF Services


Working in a senior commercial role, within the FMCG industry, means that my leadership is tested daily. As such, my leadership needs to be fine-tuned to be able to navigate the complexities of managing a high pressure environment. I need to have the capacity to maintain good leadership doctrine whilst dealing with individuals across a large spectrum of influence, such as suppliers, management, executives and colleagues. Decision making must not be clouded be blindsided weaknesses and as such the pedigree of leadership required in modern day commerce requires continual introspection, reflection and refinement in order to achieve excellence. Belinda Davies, assisted me in recognizing the potential blindsides of my personality and management traits, which could potentially hinder excellence when certain situations arise in business. Once recognizing these traits she assisted me in developing handles in ensuring that I am the master of my leadership and that I am not controlled by any weaknesses. The transformation in my management style has transformed into tangible and measurable results for my company.
 There are no perfect leaders, but there are leaders who recognize opportunities for personal growth and improvement. Belinda is a must have coach for all leaders navigating large corporations in a complex trading environment. 
Fred Bester, Boxer Superstores

Before seeking guidance from Belinda I was dealing with various challenges in the following areas; business strategy, personal and business relations, people management as well as work/study/life balance. Belinda dealt with these challenges methodically and helped me develop a holistic approach to these challenges. Her sessions are interactive and thought provoking. Belinda helped me realise that I have the answers to the challenges I face, which is empowering. What I found most important is that I became answerable to someone for tasks/goals which I set myself. This pushed me to set boundaries with people which is always uncomfortable as well as implement strategy which was developed during our sessions.
The best time to seek help is when you feel like there is none. Belinda was the guiding light I needed to get me through all of my challenges.

Jonathan Mazoue, Managing Partner, Berkowitz, Cohen Wartski, Attorneys

I and my team of directors have worked with Belinda Davies since January 2012. In that time she has coached me for 15 sessions of an hour each, and 8 of my colleagues for 12 hours each. In addition, she has coached the executive team on several different occasions for a total of 60 hours. She continues to work with my team and with our team of Project Managers.

Belinda prompts us to think more deliberately around what we are doing, what we should be doing, where we are aiming and what our roles are to achieve this. She promotes a different way of looking at some of our problems, stimulating discussion and thinking, which in turn knits the team together. In my personal coaching she challenged me to question what I believed to be important and helped me adopt reflection as a means of continual improvement.

Belinda has been an integral part of our executive team and her input has been invaluable in mapping out our future success.

Managing Director, large construction company, KZN

I was initially very apprehensive towards coaching, with very high levels of stress. Through your coaching you have guided me on how to handle situations and challenges in a more mature and calming manner, as well as putting things into perspective not only in the business environment but also in my personal life. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and hopefully we can continue into the future.
National Sales Director, global commercial vehicle manufacturer

I have worked with Belinda since March 2006 to current and during the time she has become an indispensable “partner” in my career development and she has assisted me in achieving my professional ambitions. She has also become a confidante and sounding board. During this time milestones in my career included being appointed as a partner in my firm, being requested to lead the UAE practice for my firm, on my return to the SA practice I have been requested to lead our business unit’s public sector investigations stream as well as been tasked with establishing a new part of the business and liaising with our global colleagues from the relevant centre of excellence in this regard. Belinda has become a consistent source of support for our team and has challenged us to acknowledge “blind spots” that we previously had not been able to address. She is consistently professional and dependable, is a constant source of thought leadership in the area, has a wealth of knowledge in her field and makes effective use of personality profiling tools to assist with insight.
Partner, Big Four auditing firm

I have worked with Belinda on two separate occasions in two separate companies. The impact that she has had on my own and my team’s performance in her role as a coach is incredible, and one can see people change for the positive almost immediately. Her ability to assess a situation and address the critical points is one of her strengths and leads to constructive discussion and higher levels of involvement from the people that she has coached. Belinda does not provide solutions to problems, but rather unlocks the individual’s ability to assess and deal with challenges. I would recommend
Belinda’s coaching to anyone who wishes to invest and empower themselves and their people in order to reach their full potential.

National General Manager: Technical Services, ZF Services

You cannot imagine what an impact you have had on my life.  From someone who was always in panic mode and completely stressed out, I can now take more in my stride and really have focus.
National Sales Administration Manager, Commercial Vehicle OEM